Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday scrapping: More than sparrows

We have been weaning the little boy off night feeds for the past few days (yes, he still wakes up at night to feed, even now!)... and it has been really tough-going, with quite alot of crying, and sleepless nights for me.  So today, while the boy napped, I thought I'd write a little note to him, to remind him that we love him... and that His Father loves him even more...

So... from Mama and Papa "birds" (written with a heart that feels old, but overflowing with words... again, pages from the Secret Garden):

To remind him that God takes care of the birds of the air and flowers of the field, and will take care of him even more (and that he is the apple of our eye, even though he doesn't get his night feeds):

And this page will help to remind me that love endures and patiently waits through the tears:

Sketch: My Little Shoebox March Sketch
Supplies: Papers and stickers (assortment of My Little Shoebox),
Lettering (AC Thickers & Papermarket Alphabites),
Distress inks and old pages torn from "The Secret Garden".

Have a blessed blessed weekend!

PS: Folks in the west must be really happy... There's a new Papermarket outlet opening today in Clementi Mall!  (Now if they would open one in Junction 8...)


  1. this is an awesome and very meaningful layout (: love it!

    how did you do that heart shaped thingy? so nice!

  2. oh ! I can connect with what you feel! poor you ! I hope you will be ok and your boy too! this layout is really touching! I think scrapbooking is an amzing way to share our love! I made a mini for my girl whilst we were going through hard times with her and I found it so relieving. hope you found peace in making this beautifulk layout.

  3. Hope the weaning process gets better. I am dreading my turn!

  4. Nice layout Jus..this is lovely! And Jude is growing to be such a lovely boy. He's so smart for his age..I think he knows a lot! Many boys I know can't utter many words at 2! :)

  5. Juanna: Oh, I learnt the technique in Sharon's class ( previously... its just paper patchwork. Rip out pages from an old book, stick them all over the heart (that was cut out from another piece of paper), trim off the excess, and then distress with ink! :)

    Sophie: Yup, the weaning process is getting better thankfully... And yes, I realize now how much journalling and memories we can put just into one 1 layout, just by writing more!

    Jillian: It is getting better, thanks! :)

    Jo: Thanks gal... We're thankful he's eager to learn and to read...

  6. I know this is a little late in coming... but just wanted to let you know we went through the same thing with my son. So, be brave, and press on. Both he and you will come through this.

  7. Sharon: Thanks for sharing! At least I know I'm not alone... :)



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