Friday, April 1, 2011

Foodie Fridays: YAY!

Little boy trying to feed Papa potatoes for dinner.  The photo's blur, but makes my heart smile. :)

I'm starting to find that cooking is getting easier.  Perhaps its seeing how hubby enjoys the simple meals at home, or how I try to imagine all the good stuff, nutrients and all, going into Junior J's body, and hopefully making him grow taller, just a little. :)

So all in a week's work:

Clockwise from top left: Sunday's baked salmon and potatoes with salad, Monday's frittata and minced beef pasta, and Tuesday's pork rib soup noodle with spinach, carrots and corn.

Thursday's chicken mushroom soup with rice and veggies... (Silly me ran out of corn/carrots,
so I improvised and used one honey date to sweeten the soup. :p)

All in all, I'm sticking to simple stuff, and it helps that Junior J now eats what we eat, so I do not need to cook a separate meal for him.  No deep frying for now, just soups (which hubby and the boy love) which usually end up as one-pot meals with just rice on the side, or sometimes noodles.  Everything gets chopped up while I'm preparing lunch and goes into the pot to simmer, so that the soup is flavorful by dinner time...  I'm trying to experiment with baking stuff in the oven, but I still find that I can't get my salmon done just right (will share when I do) yet.

Gotta go chop up my beef for soup now, so here's to a blessed weekend everyone!    


  1. yum! looks so delicious and colourful! =D



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