Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thinking Thursdays: Watching the little ones play

Today, a good friend popped over with her youngest child (she is one amazing mum of 3) and also brought lunch, and we had a lovely time chatting over food and seeing the two kids play.  Though Junior J was 2 years younger than his playmate, they got along amazingly well... Stacking up Playbrix to make a house, and then cooking inside (the boy kept adding copious amounts of "pepper" and "salt" to the food, and she served everything neatly on a tray.  It was so nice seeing them play, and having some grown-up conversation meanwhile. :)  I think we must have more of these sessions, although they can be so difficult to arrange since both of us are so busy!  Do you enjoy playdates as much as your little ones?  I think I do!

PS: We didn't do much on the learning front this week since I've been rather tired thanks to the boy keeping me up at night... but I've finally managed to update some of our art and learning activities on the blog. :)


  1. Yes it must be a very good unwinding moment for the mums and kids :)
    I hope you get this kind of playdates when you're oversea next year. I used to enjoyed these playdates when we're staying oversea (there're more SAHM in western countries) but not anymore when we're back here :( Partly because my churchmates are staying far away.
    I've invited a few of my kid's classmates but none of them had the time to turn up so far. Seems like everyone is much busier getting on with their own life in S'pore.

  2. CE: Oh yes, I'm also wondering if the playdates will still happen when we are in foreign land! I agree, everyone is busy in SG, its always difficult to arrange playdates! Btw, where did you stay previously? And how old are your kids, if you don't mind me asking?



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