Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays: 1st May marks...

... the day that I am "officially" a home-maker, and not a teacher on child-care leave, because we decided that this SAHM-ing thing is here to stay (especially with number 2 on the way... hey that rhymes!).  MOE did ask if I would just like to extend my leave further, but I thought there was no point in doing that since I didn't want to take up a space in the system that could be given to someone else, plus with Germany coming up next year it doesn't seem that I would be going back to teaching for a long long time.  Not that I don't miss it, but given the current situation, we think it would be best that I stay home for the kids, and there are no regrets to it.

I also just realized awhile back, that 1st May also marks the 2 year anniversary of this blog!  This would be the 360th post for "Mum in the Making", and it has been a journey for me, being able to meet and "chat" with others in their journey of parenthood.  While I've not met most of you in person, I am thankful for your friendship and willingness to share ideas and tips. :)

So this week, even with the whole country all abuzz with nothing but the elections, we would like to sit down with our usual habit of giving thanks... for:

:: A God that became man.  As we ask for leaders to empathize and have heart and walk in our shoes, I am reminded that God did exactly that.  He came down, lowered himself to become human, and knew our pain, and cried our tears.  Amazing love, that I still cannot comprehend fully.

:: Freedom of worship.  That we can go to church each week (and sometimes take that for granted, I must admit), and not have to worry about being imprisoned for that.

:: Hot chicken soup on cold rainy days, and piping hot curry puffs for supper.

:: The priviledge of being able to stay home to care for my family.

:: A child's mind that has enough imagination to convert a cover into a telephone...

Hello Ah Kong, Ah Ma and Nicky?  I am eating lunch.

... enough wonder to treasure the little finds in nature...

Fruits gleaned from a recent visit to a park.

... and enough energy to think that cleaning the fridge is fun!

It started with me giving him a basin of water and a cloth to clean his animals,
and he ended up wiping down the fridge and washing machine!

:: Humble leaders that show that to lead is to serve, even though their office is just a make-shift space in a void deck.

and finally...

:: The chance to vote this year, after so many years.  And for parents who sit down and think about the country that they would like their child to grow up in (Parents, do read this thoughtfully written article.  I find that it so aptly voices out my sentiments.).

What are you thankful for?


  1. I'm thankful my husband wants the same things, as is moved by the same things as I am -- if not the home would be a war zone as well!

  2. Thank you for the 2 food links! ohh yes, definitely drooling hehe. and you made a good decision there, am sure you will be a fab mum ((: take care & God bless!

  3. yayy congrats on being able to concentrate on being full-time SAHM :)
    are you going germany for long?

  4. thanking to meet you and learn so much from you! from getting back to scrapbooking to weaning night feeding! not to mention about the nursing cover...

    Happy 2 years anniversary to "Mum in the Making"!

  5. Evelyn: Hmmmm... does that pertain to an upcoming decision to be made on Saturday as well? ;)

    Juanna: You are welcome! :) And thank you!

    Bing: Germany is for a year... just working exposure for the hubs. :)

    PC: Hey thank you! :) It was nice chatting online with you today! Glad the night-weaning worked out, and hope the cover is handy!

  6. Hey, congrats!!! Didn't know that you're expecting your no.2, so exciting! Happy blog-anniversary too! :)

  7. " Humble leaders that show that to lead is to serve, even though their office is just a make-shift space in a void deck. "

  8. Anon: :) That's something really to be thankful about! ;)



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