Friday, April 29, 2011

Foodie Fridays: The chilli padi in my tummy wants roti prata NOW.

Hello hello... its Friday!  Am so glad that the week is almost over... :)  And another thing I'm looking forward to, is getting hubby to buy me roti prata tomorrow morning for breakfast before he runs off for make-up German class.  Its been one of the things I've been craving (have you tried eating it with two parts curry mixed with one part sambal chilli?  Its the best way to eat it, but now most stalls don't seem to have sambal, or will charge you extra if you ask them to add it.), along with all other savory and spicy stuff like nasi lemak with oodles of sambal, and pizza drenched in cheese.  Oh, and carrot cake.  (Of course, I'm referring to the white version fried with chilli, not the ang-moh type you find sitting next to cheese cakes on cake platters at cafes.)  Carrot cake was what I had for supper almost every night when I was expecting Junior J, so he was christened "turnip head" for awhile. :p  Since number 2 seems to have a preference for spicy stuff, he/she's been christened "chilli padi" for now.  Sweet stuff doesn't make the cut, doughnuts (which I used to love) make me feel sick, and I no longer eat desserts.

So anyway, the past two weeks have seen little activity in the kitchen, since last week we ate out for various occasions and the hubby hasn't been back for dinner most days this week, thanks to work dinners/calls etc.  But what did come out of the kitchen was chicken soup and mee sua on the day the whole family was sick (the hubby cooked that), plus:

Kway teow with prawns and fishcake.  Hubby helped to make the soup base (by boiling prawn heads),
since I hate peeling prawns... :p

Beef stew (recipe from Cook with Jamie)... with salad (we just added our fav Jap sesame seed dressing), below.
My mum is still horrified that I cook stews from scratch and refuse to use Oxo cubes.

Pork rib with lotus soup again, since we had alot of the lotus root left from the last round.
Do share if you have alternative ways of using up lotus roots, aside from doing stamping with them!

To go with the lotus soup, zucchini, asparagus and snow pea salad.  From Kylie Kwong's "Simple Chinese Cooking",
that has an interesting section on "salads" that I'm planning to cook through.

Pizza version 1.0: I was craving pizza so bad but the rain has been keeping us from going to Casa Verde... so hubby and I bought a pizza pan, and we made our own.  Version 1 came out with too thick a crust, and we left it too long in the oven so some bits were burnt, but it did satisfy my craving at least!

Salad greens tossed with tomatoes and pan-fried mushrooms and capsicums, to go with pizza Version 1.0.
Courtesy of the hubby, with yummy Jap walnut salad dressing.

Pizza version 2.0: We had some tomato puree left over from version 1.0, so I used that as an excuse to make pizza again on Wednesday.  :p  This round, it was the same pizza dough recipe (I used this version), but the dough came out funny.  Nonetheless, we used less dough, and left the whole thing in the oven for about 12 min at 240 degrees, and the crust came out just nice.   

Odd thing is, I've been wanting to eat more fresh greens these days, hence all those salads.  Perhaps its to balance off all those arterial-clogging foods I've been craving.  Whatever the case, I'm looking forward to a better week next week.

Oh, and before everyone runs off to enjoy the weekend, while debating about who to vote for the elections... mummies, what were your cravings when you were pregnant?  Do share!

Have a great weekend!


  1. No cravings! Just my all time perfect excuse to eat all those junk unhealthy foods that I have banned myself from all these years haha fried chicken, prata, laksa, nasi lemak, ice-cream, cakes, hawker lard anything, cabonara! Rowene

  2. When I was expecting Sean, I craved for rice dishes all the time - bim bim bap, fish head curry, Jap curry rice, claypot rice! And I don't even like rice to start with! (And yes, the kid loves porridge/rice now too)

    Your pizza looks really yummy!

  3. Wow... now you are making me hungry again. And I just had a late lunch! :>

    With my #1, I craved lots of roti prata and tea tarik every morning in my last trimester. Not good for the already non-existent waistline! For my #2, I ate plenty of fruits in my 1st and 2nd trimesters, just couldn't seem to get enough of them, but for a few weeks in my last trimester, I had to have raisin breads. Strange. Now with my #3, I haven't had cravings yet. :>

  4. Great dishes! I love to google and follow the recipe from celebrity chefs too!

    With my girl, I used to crave for Chilies! I'm still impress and wonder how I can chew and munch the Birdie eyes chillies for snacks!

    With my boy, nothing much... but certain dish I love turn vice versa, I used to love tofu but not whn I hvg my boy! (felt gross)

  5. Hi Congrats on your #2. Reading this post at 1am really makes my stomach rumble!! Your pizza really looks pro, makes my hand itch to DIY pizza again too!

    Anyway, regards to leftover lotus roots, you can chop up and mix with minced pork to make steam meat balls or patty. saw from an episode in 3 Dishes 1 Soup (San Cai Yi Tang). Yet to try myself though.

  6. Congrats on your #2.

    My husband was spared as I didn't have any cravings. I continued to eat as usual and boy was He the lucky one :)

  7. gosh the food looks delish!!! pizzas look juz like those in restaurants hee.
    hm, my MIL craved french fries a lot the last time, gd excuse to eat tons of MacD haa

  8. Edmund: Thanks...

    Rowene: Gosh, most of the stuff you've named are things I crave. You are really making me hungry...

    Olimomok: Please don't say curry, or I will start drooling! Fish head curry... mmmmmmmmm

  9. Domestic Goddess: Wow, its great that you craved healthy things like fruits! Teh tarik and prata sounds good yum yum... Your doc didn't ban you from caffeine?

    Alice: Thanks! Well, it seems different for every kid, so its quite interesting! And chilli for snacks? Golly, your spicy fix is more "potent" than mine!

    O Tulip Mama: Thanks! And thank you for the idea, guess I can try that next time! :)

  10. Susan: Thanks! Haha, yes I know what you mean. Each time hubby goes out to buy supper he comes back with something for himself too, so he's starting to look pregnant too... oooops!

    Bing: Actually version 1 came out with charred bits! Totally not restaurant-like haha.... French fries... now those would be really yummy with the curry sauce!



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