Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays: So grateful for...

:: God's perfect kingdom, that we can look forward to.

:: Little prayers uttered by childish voices, that thank God "for Papa and Mama and baby, and cheerios, cornflakes and raisins".... and the comfort trusting that we can take all our worries and cares to our Father and know that He is listening.

:: A Saturday past, that heralded some change for our country.

:: An evening spent brisk walking through the Marina Barrage area, chatting with a dear friend, as other women in orange sped by (we ended up taking slightly over an hour to complete the 5 km, which I thought was pretty good considering we didn't train for the run... but please remind me never, ever to schedule a run, followed by a late night up til 3am to wait for election results, on a day before the hubby goes on call!  I had to bring the little boy to church on my own, and was quite the zombie the day after...)

:: 2 Mother's Day dinners, one spent with Junior J's godma (after the run, the food was crappy, but company was great), the other with family (since hubby was working).  And a surprise prata breakfast on Sunday morning, even when the hubby had to rush off to work...

:: Boiled, cool water on a hot sunny day... and morning showers to cool down the weather...

:: A little Mother's Day present from the little boy, that he made in Sunday school (and I must add we are so proud that he is now able to attend class on his own!):

:: Animal friends that you can bathe, and then arrange all over the bath mat for their afternoon nap:

:: More animal friends that accompany you during your bathtime (thanks SY for the whole lot!), which gamely walk around the rim of your bathtub and declare that they are "going to buy bananas for Juju!"...

The boy insists on soaking all his animal toys in water after he leaves the bathtub, saying they must go swimming...

:: A much-improved appetite after recovering from the recent bad bug... which sees the boy announcing "Juju is hungry!", and declaring "The lion eats the food, uhmmmm", followed by a huge bite of whatever is being offered to him...

Now its your turn.  What are you thankful for, this week?


  1. I am thankful to God for:
    - Mother's!! Especially my mum who takes care of us so well and brought us up (with dad) in the fear of God.
    - Sunny days that take the chill out of the wind
    - Getting the chance to dance even though I am considered 'old' for ballet =)
    - God-incidences where I meet people I've been thinking about on the bus or train or around uni and get to catch up with them!
    - God's love...always

  2. Evergreen: Thanks for sharing! :) Hmm, your 3rd point got me curious... are you taking ballet classes or dancing part-time or? :) Sounds fun!

  3. just started ballet lessons end of last year =) it's just for fun and fitness, and I'm really enjoying it!

  4. Evergreen: Ballet! Cool! I took up adult ballet a few years back, but found it hard to juggle on top of teaching, then the boy came and there's no more time to learn! It really helps to stretch and tone, you must be having loads of fun!



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