Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekend wanderings: A nice long weekend...

Hello hello!  Sorry for the silence over here for the past few days.  The past week has been a tad crazy, with us trying to clear up a rather messy study in preparation for my in-laws' visit this weekend (the study doubles up as our guest room, since our former "spare" room became Junior J's room).  On top of that, the exhaustion from being pregnant is still haunting me, even in the second trimester.  Maybe its due to having to run after one little boy, but baking number 2 seems to take way more energy than when I was expecting Junior J previously (mothers of two or more, was that the same for you all?)...  I guess I was blessed to have a rather smooth-sailing pregnancy the first round, after a rocky first trimester.  I mean, we were still tramping around the mangroves in Kuala Gula and running around doing wedding photography for a friend, just a month before I popped!  This round, I've been falling asleep each night while putting Junior J to bed (ie pretty early!), and yet have been finding it hard to stay awake throughout the day without having at least a short nap, plus a cup of coffee... :p

So anyway, aside from the frantic decluttering, packing and cleaning, we've been having a nice weekend... The hubby was on leave yesterday and will be on leave on Monday, which is such a welcome change since his past 3 weekends have been used for work. :)  Thus far, we've been having a good time:

:: Cooling down in this hot weather with lots of water play:

At Lower Seletar...

At Jacob Ballas Children's Garden on Tuesday. :)
My camera ran out of batt so I ended up shooting pics using my phone!
Oh well... blur and grainy pics beat no pics at all...

:: Making arty messes on both paper and skin:

:: Buying surprise bouquets for Mama as a belated Mother's Day present:

:: Eating lots and lots... at Ikea...

The boy's appetite has become voracious on days when he's not tired.
At Ikea, he finished the entire plate of pasta from the kid's meal, plus about 15 small prawns,
and was still asking for bites of my cake at the end of it!
(Again, sorry for the grainy blur pic, was just too lazy to bring out the chunky camera!)

... and eating loads of blueberry jam with roti prata:

Throwing a temper tantrum as he only wanted to eat the jam, but not the prata.

:: Spending time with both Ah Kong...

... and Ah Ma, who touched down yesterday evening.  (That was followed by more eating at Crystal Jade, and we discovered the little boy really loves fried prawns, as well as sour stuff.  He was stealing sips of vinegar from our sauce dish!)

Its going to be more family time for the rest of the weekend, with dinner with my family and church all lined up.  How's your weekend so far?  Here's to a blessed one with your loved ones! :)


  1. Wow, looks like a productive weekend for you! We will be expecting a hectic weekend as well - the girls are flower girls for a cousin's wedding, so the whole of today is busy, and we're watching The Lion King musical tomorrow. Have a great weekend ahead!! - By the way, this is Linette from Beauties In Our Lives :) I am using Big Bee's account by accident!

  2. Linette: Haha, I guess that happens when there's more than one blogger in the family! It sounds like its going to be a busy and fruitful weekend for you all too!

  3. The answer to your question is YES! 2nd bun in the oven more tiring to bake! It was true for me...and I used to fall asleep putting my little girl to bed too! :) Glad to see all the family fun!

  4. Awesome that he is taking to food more and more now! :)

  5. Sharon: Thks! Now am glad to know I'm normal & not being piggy or something! ;)

    Dotz: Yep! Mealtimes are easier now & bringing him out for meals is easier too... Thk God!



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