Saturday, May 7, 2011

Weekend wanderings: Today...

... is going to be a pretty interesting day, going by my standards (which, I'd admit, are pretty low seeing that most weekends are spent at home or at a park, since the hubby is usually on call 2-3 weekends a month!).  Firstly of course, would be the much talked about General Elections.  I am the only voter in our household (hubby is a PR, Junior J, of course, is too young), so the 2 boys are going to hang out together this morning while I make my way to cast my vote.  I must say I am excited, since this is the first time I'm getting to vote!

Apologies for the grainy and blur pics, all I had brought along was the iPhone!

(We brought Junior J to attend a rally on Thursday night.  I was hoping to let the boy get a glimpse at what happens during the elections, however we had to leave early since the boy skipped his nap in the afternoon and was really tired.  Tired or not, you could tell he remembered the rally, since I overheard him "calling" (using his soup ladle as his phone this round) his kong kong the next day, and saying "Hello kong kong?  The crowd cheer for Chiam See Tong!".  The hubby was rather surprised at me wanting to go, but he said he didn't regret it.  He's been fired up this elections, as even though he is Malaysian, as he states that he has "3 Singaporeans to think about".)

Then there's going to be the Nike 5k goddess run this evening, which I've signed up for with a good friend (Junior J's godma).  We used to drag each other for these kind of runs (I'd say drag, since she usually takes some nagging and convincing to go!), and this time she was lamenting that she wanted to go for the run, but had lost her usual running kaki (since I was pregnant).  So I told her I didn't mind going, if she didn't mind that I would be waddling along for the entire route!  The gynae has cleared me for the run (or rather, walk), so I'm just hoping that I'll be able to finish the full 5 km... whatever the case, we'll probably have fun, having a nice walk around the Marina area, followed by dinner to celebrate Mother's day (godmothers are counted too!).

How is your family going to celebrate Mother's Day?  Here's wishing everyone a blessed weekend!

PS: The hubs stayed with Junior J last night, so I managed to get 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep on a nice comfy bed, with no toddler kicking me in the middle of the night, something I've haven't had in a pretty long time.  That, I think, is one of the best mother's day presents ever!


  1. Happy Mother's Day, MamaJ! I agree, uninterrupted long hours of sleep is one of the best gift a Mom can get! :)

  2. Ahjune: Sorry this is late, but same to you! :) I never realized how precious sleep was until it became a luxury... :p



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