Friday, June 10, 2011

Foodie Fridays: Breadmaker recipes wanted!

Hello hello!  The weather report said that it was supposed to rain in most areas of Singapore this morning.  But since it just looked cloudy, we took a chance and went to the zoo (half the kindergartens seemed to have the same idea as us!).  Instead of raining, it turned out to be really really hot:

And thanks to all that hot sun, I don't really think I can write a coherent post right now... but I do have something to ask you dear readers (who have been so nice in answering my questions!):
Do you have any tried and tested breadmaker recipes for bread and pizza dough?

Junior J loves helping me put the ingredients into the pan, & is fascinated when he sees the ball of dough forming!

I'm asking this because our current pizza dough recipe (which I blogged about here) seems rather cranky.  One day, it gives a nice thin crunchy crust, and another day I get gloop after the machine cycle (that happened on Wednesday when we had to make pizza for our DG potluck... ooops).  In addition, the recipes that came with our current breadmaker seem a tad... chewy, so I'm hoping to get some recipes that yield a softer loaf.  So, anyone can help me here?

Thanks, and have a good weekend friends!

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