Monday, June 13, 2011

Saturday scrapping: An overdue post and layout...

Whoops!  I know, its Monday, not Saturday, but I just managed to finish a layout for Junior J's 28th month... something that is waaaay overdue (I think I'm 3 weeks late, but better late than never!), and thought I'd post it up now since I'm still working on something for "Monday Made". :p

I tried Crate Paper's colour challenge this time round to kick off the creative process, and we were supposed to use pink, red and yellow:

Clothes peg, to remind me of how he helps to pass me pegs everytime I hang the clothes.
And printing with bubble wrap, because he still loves artwork, and he absolutely cannot resist popping bubble wrap!

I admit, yellow and red aren't colours I'm used to scrapping in, much less pink!  They seem to suit girly layouts more... but after choosing some embellies to mark some of the little boy's developments (like the camera, for his love of taking "pick-chers" on my phone), I found that adding black into the whole mix helped to "masculinize" the whole thing a little. :)

Hand-made flowers, to represent how he still loves to head to the market to buy flowers for our home...
and the title is thanks to the little phonics song he's been learning that is stuck in my head!

And of course, there's loads of journalling, but I've hidden it all under the photos, so all you can see is the little tab sticking out.  I don't think you'd want me to go into all the developmental details, so I'll leave it as that!

It was a good way of using up all those red/pink papers that I otherwise might not have touched.  Here's the full layout:

Ok, now I gotta run and finish up some craft stuff, its been a busy weekend, and its going to be a busier week with the hubby away!  Hope to be back later for "Monday made", as well as to announce the winner of last week's giveaway... have a blessed week ahead!


  1. 'B' is for beautiful!
    Such a beautiful scrapbook artwork =)

  2. again: this is an amazing layout!!! I love your take on the color challenge: these rosettes are so pretty and I love your design!!

  3. Evergreen: B is for bless you! :) Thanks for the compliment...

    Joanna: Thanks babe! Have you been scrapping this hols?

    Sophie: Ah, I've learnt a new word, "rosettes"! Had no idea what they were called previously, thanks! :)

  4. Marina: Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! :)



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