Friday, June 3, 2011

Foodie Fridays: Snacking when expecting?

There's been quite alot of eating out these few days since the hubby's sis and bro-in-law have been visiting (we've been trying to fulfil their cravings for crab, roti prata, laksa and steak), so its a quiet week for the kitchen.  I did manage to try out a minestrone soup recipe that turned out pretty decent, and discovered (thanks to Mr Oliver) that a dash of cinnamon in tuna pasta seems to bring out the sweetness of tomatoes:

Am not going to bore you with another pasta photo with some red gloop on it.
Instead, here's the latest addition to Junior J's zoo sharing his dinner.  I think he approved. :p

Aside from all that pigging out on crab and steak, I've been eating ALOT in between (which probably explains why I'm looking 7 months pregnant instead of 5 :S).  Now that the nausea has more or less abated, my stomach has become way more demanding.  I can't eat too much each meal, but I'm constantly hungry, and snacking seems to be the only way to keep the nausea away (oddly enough, now I feel sick whenever I'm hungry).  Currently, I think I'm eating more meals that Junior J (you know how toddlers have tea and all) and his animals combined...

Stegosaurus having a healthier option than Mr Polar Bear during the same dinner.

I'm trying to find healthier options for snacks, so its been loads of yoghurt when I'm hungry, and sometimes some bread with cheese, or salad with cheese, or a cup of milo... but I must admit that I'm running out of ideas on what to eat (there's only that much yoghurt and cheese one can eat in a day).  And I do admit sometimes I've been having roti prata, carrot cake or instant noodles for supper.

So help me out here... any suggestions for healthy, easy to prepare snacks for this very hungry pregnant lady here?  Thanks, and have a great weekend!

PS: No time for "Thinking Thursdays" this week, but I've managed to update our list of recommended reads...  Oh, and if you're thinking of going shopping for books, check out The Book Depository, as they are having 10% off everything, including books already on discount!  (Key in "May11" in the coupon code box before checkout, promotion ends on Sunday, 5th of June.  Shipping is free!)  We buy most of our books from there, since we find it hard to find books that we want in the regular bookstores, while bookstores with a better range like Kino tend to be more expensive...


  1. heya, u could try and make some homemade granola bars. Make more for later when u r up in the middle of the night bfeeding the bub. I love the recipes with cranberries in them. Yummy and handy snacks.

  2. Hi. First time commenting. When I was preggy and eating supper everynight, I ate loads of cereals and low-fat milk. Easy to prepare, full of calcium and lots of wholegrain goodness if you choose the right brand of cereals. Have a good pregnancy. :)

  3. Hey Jus, I was always hungry during my pregnancy too and my baby came out greedy and super easy to feed! So maybe it's a sign feeding time for your second one might be real easy? You'd never know. Haha =)

  4. Have you tried those Zespri golden kiwis? They're the sweetest! I've been snacking on them, in fact am gonna get me one now!

    I've given up on yogurt in favour of chocolate ice cream bars.

  5. hey Jus, i didn't realise you are expecting! haven't been reading regularly recently. congrats!!! must admit that i didn't snack too healthily the second time round (or the first, come to think of it), but some healthy options i can think of are cereals -- i often help myself to the same stuff i get for noey -- or whole wheat biscuits, like jacobs, with cream cheese?

  6. Some of the healthier snacks I had when I was expecting were cheese wrapped around carrot sticks and apples + raisins tossed in some cinnamon and brown sugar! But I had quite a few unhealthy snacks too... eh heh heh :b

  7. SY: Those bars sound yummy! Do you happen to have a recipe for them?

    K: Thanks for dropping by, and for the suggestions! Ok, cereals, got it!

    Madeline: I certainly hope that'll be the case, J used to be so difficult to feed last time!

    Evelyn: Oooh... you are making me hungry talking about chocolate ice cream... yumyum...

    Beanbean: Thanks! :) The cream cheese with biscuits sounds yummy!

    Dotz: Hey, that's an idea, carrots with cheese... healthy with fibre too! Thanks for the suggestions...

  8. Besides wholegrain cereals, mixed nuts and hard cheeses, I can't stop snacking on fresh fruits - watermelon, papaya, kiwis, oranges, apples... the list goes on... I find the natural sweetness in fruits the best to satisfy cravings, but of course it varies from women to women. :>

  9. My cosupervisor is pregnant (due next month!) and she snacks regularly every hour. So usually I see her eating apples or a piece of toast with vegemite!! hahah, I guess those are options too. I get hungry all the time for no reason at all and always make sure I have a muesli bar in my bag =)

  10. Domesticgoddess: Your list really sounds healthy! Thanks for the reminder that fruits are good for snacking too! :)

    Evergreen: Ok, fruits, or muesli bars... :) Thanks for the suggestions!



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