Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Made: Reusing paint catalogues

I've been seeing all these Montessori learning aids on learning colours as well as tints, however, I admit I've been rather reluctant to purchase them (since they can be rather costly).  So here's recycling to the rescue: I took an old paint catalogue, cut out some of the colour samples, and mounted them on some leftover cardboard backing from a sheet of stickers.  Then I grabbed some of those old fridge magnets (you know those flat sheet magnets that you get free with yoghurt purchases but never end up putting them up?), cut them up, and pasted them at the back of the cut up colour samples.  So there you have it...

... colours all waiting to be sorted according to tint, conveniently located on the fridge where you can keep an eye on Junior while doing your cooking! :)

I've yet to try the sorting with Junior J yet, but if he does show an interest, I'd probably cut up a whole load more of these.  Do you reuse your paint catalogues?


  1. this is so clever! ive been trying to diy something like this for a montessori color box activity but had no idea! i end up purchasing a box!

  2. Neat idea!
    I try to reuse everything...for making cards!! Recently, I used my old highschool exam timetable (it was on glossy paper) to make a card for a friend (who went to the same highschool). I don't think she noticed hahah!!!!
    And those fridge magnets are remarkably handy =D

  3. That's such a neat idea! Anything to occupy little hands while mummy is busy is always welcomed. I've always loved looking at different things people make with paint catalogues. The thing is, I don't own any! hee

  4. Homeschool@SG: I'd actually love to get a box of those materials, they are really well made etc... but unfortunately so expensive!

    Evergreen: Wow, how on earth did you cover all the exam subjects and times? And I agree, I hoard those magnets for projects! ;p

    Corsage: Haha, you can always request on from the nearest paint shop/DIY shop! :p Nice thing is the colours are printed on thick paper, so its pretty sturdy and can withstand grubby little fingers! :)

  5. hahah! I didn't have to, I made a mini card, so just cut the parts where it wasn't printed on.

  6. Evergreen: Oh cool! That must have been quite abit of maneuvering to get at the empty parts!



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