Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend wanderings: Simple is best

We like weekends to be simple.  
Time spent with loved ones, exploring and leaving footprints where we've never been before...

Laying down mats to rest tired feet... 

Kicking off one's slippers to run your toes into the soft sand...

Playing with classic toys that have entertained children for years and years...

Sifting and pouring through sand, and watching it trickle and pool at your feet...

Basking in the warm glow of the setting sun...

... as it sinks and makes all things golden in its wake.

Simple.  No rushing, no helter skelter.  Just the way we love it.  How do you like your weekends?


All photos were taken during an evening jaunt to West Coast Park.  The field was packed with kite-flyers, but little boy was intent on sand play so we camped out at the lonely sand-pit.  We had dinner (remind me to bring sandwiches next time instead of eating fast food!), while the boy had a whale of a time just playing with sand.


  1. OH! We were just there today! In fact we're there quite often. hee. Unfortunately I misplaced the Bubs sand toys so we had to make do with disposable bowls and spoons! Love your flip-flops by the way :)

  2. Love the shots! Quiet weekends with the family are the best :)

  3. Looks like great fun for yr boy :) The sand looks 'clean' too.

  4. Love the photos, the moods they evoked and all the wonderful little details!

  5. Corsage: Let us know if you go there again, then J can share his sand toys with Bubbles! ;)

    San: Agree, we love quiet weekends! :)

  6. CE: Yup, it was the sandpit, so it was pretty clean sand... and very little trash too! :)

    The Beauties in Our Lives: Thanks! :)



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