Friday, July 29, 2011

Foodie Fridays: A rojak kinda post...

Its a really busy day today!  Must run off to cook the boy's dinner really soon, as we're off to meet some friends, so I'm not going to ramble much, except to share something concocted by the boy:

I was cooking dinner yesterday and overheard the boy declaring he was cooking and eating breakfast.  This was supposed to be fish pasta (which co-incidentally was what I cooked for his dinner!), along with fruits... Little boy just sat on his stool and pretended to eat his pasta piece by piece. :)  (And on a related note, the boy has started eating a little better now.  We find that telling him stories as we feed him helps quite a bit, and has resulted in us spewing out the craziest tales ever, such as "Curious George and the pasta", "Curious George eats fried wantons" and "Curious George makes fishballs".  Of course, all involve the little monkey getting into trouble, and then getting out of it!)

Going to make myself a cup of Milo, then its off to cook.  Speaking of which, have you seen this video?

I've been drinking cups of Milo for a quick pick me up, since I'm always hungry thanks to the pregnancy... and used to love the Milo dinosaur version with my roti prata for suppers during my uni days.  Do you drink Milo too?  Happy weekend!

PS: The Petit Bowl giveaway is ending soon!  Have you entered to try to win the two $25 vouchers that are up for grabs?


  1. hahah!! I like your Curious George stories!!! Recently, I went to the countryside and saw some of them was very friendly and curious, and even ate grass from our hand! After that, partly because he was so curious, and partly because I was inspired by your posts, I nicknamed him 'Curious George'! Glad to hear he is eating better now =)

  2. Evergreen: Heeheee, so now there's a Curious George alpaca wandering around somewhere... I must let Junior J know, he will be amused! :)



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