Thursday, July 7, 2011

Its out!

Ok, we're not talking about the baby.  Junior J's stitches (the top layer of course) were taken out today.  The hubby initially planned to do it himself, but realized that he didn't have the right tools at home for the fine stitches.  In the end, we popped by the hospital, and one of his friends helped us to do it.  Little boy was really scared (he was trembling the whole time, and intially started crying at the start when we went into the room), but he stayed still while each stitch was cut and pulled out.  He did jerk a few times when he got nicked, but we think he behaved like a champ.  I'm so glad that the cut has healed with no complications.  Thank you for all your prayers and well-wishes!

I've gotta run since there's a pile of clothes waiting for me to fold, and overdue stuff I need to finish... but before I do, here's another update... there's now a Facebook page for the blog!  I've always been wanting to share links on learning, parenthood and crafting, and thought a FB page would be a more suitable platform for that.  Do pop over to like the page, and join in a chat or two... see ya!


  1. YaY!!~ glad he has healed up well =) how is he recovering from the virus?

  2. such a brave boy! my heart just went, oh poor baby when i saw that picture..such a schweet boy!

  3. Evergreen: He's more or less recovered, am very thankful for the medication that lessens the cough! :) Thanks for asking! ;)

    Just Me: :) We were quietly proud of him for staying so still during the removal of the stitches, even though he was so scared!



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