Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wild Wednesdays: On the trail of train tracks

After our "failed" attempt to visit the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, we decided to bring Junior J for a walk along the train tracks instead.  So off we went to Dairy Farm Road, and took a leisurely stroll in the evening.  There was lots to see as we pottered along the road...

And we ended up among the houses in the Fuyong Estate area, where we spotted corn being grown:

... and a nice little playground, where both hubby and I kept a close watch on the boy as he played (thanks to what happened!)...

We eventually reached the Rail Mall, and scrambled up the little slope to where the train tracks were (I think that's one of the easiest points to get to the tracks).  Again, lots of nature to savour surrounding the old train line...

We tramped down the tracks for awhile, joining the little crowd of camera-toting people as they milled about.  We overheard conversations with grandchildren about the history of the train line, along with teenage boys discussing how to pose in the most theatrical way on the tracks.  Junior J was quiet the whole time, concentrating very hard on balancing and walking amongst the tracks and rocks...

All in all, a nice way to spend an evening.  Its pretty ideal for a family walk (avoid weekends since I think it'll be a lil crowded for now), especially just before dinner when its not too hot (otherwise, do bring your hats!)...  

And if you do go, remember the mosquito repellant.  Hubby and I got bitten left, right and centre during the first part of the walk!  And since the Rail Mall is nearby, you can end the walk with dinner at one of the eateries there.

Most importantly, wear proper shoes for walking (lest you stub your toes).  Thicker soles are better, since  the rocks between the tracks can be hard to navigate especially if you are just wearing thin flip-flops (which I foolishly did!).

Have you walked along the tracks recently?  How was it?


  1. I'm hoping to go for a walk along the tracks this weekend. a section of the track ran right along the perimeter wall of our old place and Noey loved watching the trains rumble by. Thought it would be nice for him to walk on the actual tracks!

  2. aww he's got such a cute dimple!! ^^
    and you have such lovely photos

  3. Lovely photos! The mozzie part is putting me off though! Considering I just recovered from a bad allergic reaction to mozzie bites. ugh :(

  4. We're planning a trip there too! How long was the whole walk? I was wondering about mosquitoes, thanks for the reminder :) Again, the photos are really beautiful!

  5. ET Family: Thanks, and thanks for dropping by!

    Beanbean: Wow, the tracks just outside your place! I'm sure he'll enjoy himself!

    Evergreen: Heee, yup, the dimple's only on one side!

  6. Corsage: Oh yes, I remember reading about it... Hmmm, use citronella oil?

    Ruth: The part along Dairy Farm Road was about 45 minutes, since J walked for most of the journey and we got side-tracked here and there... That was the section with the mosquitoes, I think there are less mozzies on the tracks! For walking on the tracks, we only stayed for about 15 minutes since it was crowded...

  7. Went for a walk with my boys over the weekend. We parked at King Albert Park and walked across the stretch that runs above bukit timah and dunearn road. Ended with breakfast at mcdonalds. My almost-2-year old enjoyed walking on the rocks. :) Proper shoes for the young ones are necessary.

  8. Ling: Thanks for sharing! That's another stretch we are thinking of exploring before they remove the tracks there.. how long was the walk?



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