Monday, July 4, 2011

Weekend wanderings: A little bit of this and that

We had a mixed-up little weekend.  With some art...

The art museum again... 

... and a dash of friendship...

Met up with mummy Corsage at the musuem, and Junior J and Bubbles got along rather well!

A generous serving of nature...

Spent a happy morning stalking Nicobar pigeons at the Bird Park...

... peering at penguins, and laughing at the funny little puffins as they fished.

And saying hello to the Crown Pigeons! :)

And a dollop of history...

It was a really hot morning, but we thought we should let Junior J
take a peek at the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station.

We made the trip too late, so it was all lonely and locked up...

... but we did have a nice stroll along its perimeter, peering in. 

Add to that a sprinkling of culture...

Popiah, part of our lunch at the Chinatown hawker centre after the railway station.
The yong tau foo is really good, but the queue is really long, so Junior J and I walked around for abit while the hubby waited.  We got to see hawkers making har gau (shrimp dumplings) and popiah skins on a hot plate, and peeked at the drinks stall auntie pouring the coffee about the traditional way.

And to top it off... quite abit of smiles, and laughter.

A really nice mix, I feel.  How was your weekend?


  1. We were at the Art Museum too! Was there an exhibit where kids can paint on it? Too bad I missed the one at national museum, didn't realise it ends in late June, would have been so fun I think.

  2. Awww you're such a talented photographer! Junior J looks so happy in these pics. And yes, those two kiddos really seemed to get along, didn't they? Bubbles just told me she likes Junior J. haha. We've to meet again :)

  3. We were at the Bird Park over the weekend too (on Sunday). Looks like you had a really good weekend!

  4. We had a great weekend celebrating Max's 2nd birthday but am now down with the flu and so is Max. :(

  5. Ruth: Hmm, actually I felt the Art museum was better, and more suitable for younger kids. J was rather lost in the National museum... Err, no painting, but there were markers provided for the kids to draw on wooden "trees", which I think the 2 of them enjoyed! When did you guys go?

  6. Corsage: Hahah, she did? It was so nice meeting up! Must meet up again! :)

    Olimomok: Oh! We went on Saturday, otherwise we might have met each other!

  7. Jillian: Aiyoh... so sorry to hear that, hope both of you recover soon! J was having a runny nose earlier in the week but got better, hence the action-packed weekend.

    And happy birthday to Max! :)

  8. Love the photos, especially Junior J with Bubbles.

  9. Mummy PR: Thanks! :) It was nice seeing the two of them playing together and imitating each other...



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