Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays: Take 5 minutes...

... Pause.  Close your eyes.  Think.  What are you thankful for today?

For me, the list is long.  But here are some:

:: The reminder of God's love and care.  From seeing how He cares for the birds and the grass of the field, to the reading of His love and promises in the Bible.

:: How nature fills up, softens and beautifies the hardness of man's works... from ferns growing in the crevices of walls, to climbers covering iron fences...

:: The sun, that helps plants to grow... and shade that gives us respite from the heat...

:: The hubby, who works hard to support this little family, yet always finds the energy at the end of each day for one last story, one last tickle and one last swing into the air...

 :: Medicines, that help to reduce the symptoms of preggie gastric pains and indigestion, and accelerate the clearing of coughing little lungs...

:: Childish constructions, nestled amidst the chaos of everyday life at home, from "tall tall towers"...

... imaginary vehicles...

Its an excavator, the little boy tells me.

... and general piles of softness to burrow into.

Just take 5 minutes.  Write them down.  On a post-it.  In your diary.  Or type it in your phone as you make your way home.  And maybe share it here?  What are you thankful for today?


  1. so thankful to God because He loves me.

    *and I am coughing too, so I am grateful for medicines ;)


  2. My list would be:

    - Thank God that my little E stopped threwing up. He still has diarrhea though. A sign that stomach flu is going away soon.

    - My two boys vie for a place on my tummy to rest their head. I just feel so blessed to have them.

  3. This isn't Tuesday anymore, but I'm thankful for

    - God who holds our future in His hands, no matter how much we feel like we've stuffed up.

    - Friends that God gives to us to encourage and surprise us in many little ways.

    - Jesus, for whom everything is worth living for =)

  4. Vio: Hugs... get well soon!

    Mummy PR: Oh dear! Hope he recovers soon! And its so sweet that both of them rest their heads on your tummy!

    Evergreen: :) Never too late to give thanks!



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