Friday, July 1, 2011

Foodie Fridays: Kids in the kitchen (again!)

Remember I mentioned little boy was on a food strike recently?  We've just managed to figure out why.  It turns out that he probably was down with a virus, which was making his insides revolt, since he would sometimes throw up half-way through a meal.  It only became clear after a week of us struggling during meals, since the virus is now giving him a runny nose, and a cough.  Ah well.

Junior J cooking in his own kitchen.  I had grand plans to DIY my own version, but eventually caved
in and got him a store-bought one, since I realize we really don't have time to scout for parts and assemble it!
He sometimes asks to wear his bib as an apron when he cooks.

So the battle to get him interested in food continues, and I'm still trying to get him involved in the kitchen.  The other day, he surprised me during one of our conversations:

Me: Would you like to help Mama cook dinner today?  We can stir the beans and add the herbs!

Junior J: I want to cook over here (pointing at his own play kitchen).

Me: Why?

Junior J: Because its easier!

(I admit, I was so taken aback, I didn't know what to say!)

Here's to a blessed weekend, dear friends!


  1. LOL, he has got his point! It certainly the perfect height for him to cook!^^

  2. My boy is now into 'cooking' too and I recently rented one kitchen set for him and he's having so much fun!

  3. hahah! so cute! Glad to know he's recovering well from the fall too =) and hope he will be rid of the virus soon as well.

  4. Alice: Haha, yep... Oh well, kids, they really say the darndest things! ;)

    Ruth: Oh cool! We thought for a really long time before getting him the kitchen, since we didn't want to pay a whole lot for a white elephant, but he cooks everyday, so no regrets there! How long will you be renting the set?

    Evergreen: Thanks! He's way better now, after medication...



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