Friday, June 24, 2011

Foodie Fridays: Kids in the kitchen (and oatmeal cookies)

Junior J has been on a food strike recently.  He's been starting to spit out food again, and now is only willing to eat some of his food if we let him eat raisin bread (with cream cheese) on the side.  We've been lamenting this change, since he was eating much better ever since the Taiwan trip, and was finally gaining some weight.  Guess you never know when it comes to kids!

Anyway, in an attempt to get him to eat better, I thought I'd try to involve him more in the food preparation process.  Since I've been rather inspired by this mum's baking attempts with her 2 kids, I thought I'd try baking cookies with the boy today.  He was really co-operative, waiting for me to scoop the ingredients, while he poured them carefully into the mixing bowl:

He loved watching the ingredients being mixed up, and kept saying "round and round!"...

This version turned out pretty good (but a tad too sweet for my liking), and I think on the whole, better than the previous version that I tried.  The cookies are nice and crunchy!  (However, just a word of warning, younger kids might not be used to their texture.  Junior J had one after lunch, took one bite and started hacking away.... Guess these are better suited for the grown-ups, and I'll be trying other things like muffins instead next time!)

Here's the recipe we used, which was modified from this version.  All you need to do is dump all the ingredients in a bowl (melt the butter first!), mix them up, and then pop them in the oven!

Click to enlarge! 

Do you get your kids to help out in the kitchen?  What kinds of recipes do you try with them?


  1. Ah.. kids and their food strike! My boy did it a few nights ago and I was worried he will really go on a strike. Too bad I don't have an oven at home but I got a recipe book on steamed cake. Hoping to try that soon and if I do, will see how to involve my boy :)

  2. u take such beautiful pictures!

    we have food strikes every now and then. his all time favourite - chips so i make them from scratch..i tell myself he is eating vegetables - POTATOES!!! :)

    T loves to help with scooping too and now loves to pound garlic. hehe

    ps your son is getting very handsome now..looks like one of those Japanese celebrities..hehe.

  3. Ruth: Oooh, steamed cake! Sounds like it's a healthy option, happy baking... hope the boy isn't on a food strike any longer...

    Just Me: Thanks! Wow, chips from scratch... and pounding garlic? Do you get him to use the mortar and pestle to do it? And haha... perhaps its the long hair and small eyes?

  4. Makes me feel like getting an oven for the home! :)

  5. yes, i get him to use the mortar and pestle..he loves it and i sing this song, this is the way we pound the garlic..and i have to act cute also lah, as he pounds i shake my head from side to side and then he does the same!!! hahah..

    ps i saw your email..haven't had the chance to reply. T is on a nap strike! :(



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