Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thanful Tuesdays: The surprises that come our way...

... may be not so good ones, like the recent discovery that the boy is teething again (with its accompanying night wakings, the refusal to brush teeth, meal-time battles and food strikes).  Or the sudden change in sleep patterns that have meant early wakings and naptimes that have dropped from 2.5 hours to one, resulting in little housework getting done... Or the vomiting incident on a newly washed towel, and the poop accident on the day you put a cloth diaper on the boy for his nap (and you are talking about someone who hasn't pooped in a diaper for many months!).  Nevertheless, we pause today to give thanks for:

:: God's grace that helps us through each day, unwelcome surprises included.

:: Pleasant surprises, like...

- Finding these little blooms nestled amidst the rocks scattered among train tracks...

- Chancing across oddities such as a rust-covered, abandoned...

... broken-down toilet when taking a wrong turn, reminding you to enjoy the journey, and not just cherish the end...

- The childish delight of peekaboo with a favourite person...

- Being able to investigate at close range something that fascinates you... 

This was the highlight of the walk at the railway tracks for the boy.
He's recently been fascinated by all the construction vehicles (especially excavators and cement-mixers),
and being able to stand on one made his day.  This fascination has been a plus point,
since our area has been experiencing upgrading works (but the dust and noise has been driving me nuts),
so we've been able to watch these vehicles at work every morning.

What are you thankful for today?


  1. Thanks for reminding me to be thankful! David is also teething and has been for the past one week. I can so empathize with the night wakings, crying episodes and fussy eating! My poor hubby and I are slightly zombified during the day :b But yes, thankful that there are many joyful moments each day to rejoice about! :)

  2. huh? teething again? gosh no!!!! how old is Junior J now? I really hated those teething moments!!!!!!!!

    You are such an optimistic woman!!! love it!

    ps.. i just replied to your email. FINALLY! xoxo.

  3. Dotz: Oh dear... teething can be such a nightmare isn't it? Hugs... you hang in there and count those blessings!

    Just Me: He's 2.5 years, and cutting those last few molars, which hurt quite abit I think... And yes, I received it, sorry haven't been able to reply yet!



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