Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend wanderings: The best things in life...

Pardon the very scuffed shoes.

... sometimes come for free.  Again, a rather action-packed weekend, with...

... the art museum again, with a little friend, on Friday:

It had rained earlier on, so the museum was not crowded,
and Junior J had a really good time pasting all the shapes on the cake!

Again, a good time pushing the coloured stools around and climbing up on them...

And of course, pasting stickers on Mr Elephant!

... a lovely rambling walk along the train tracks on Saturday:

This was the section of tracks running along at the King Albert Park area,
which would be removed very soon.  The little boy loved springing from track to track!

Little boy spent about 1/3rd of the walk poking at mimosa leaves, and exclaiming "IT CLOSES!".
He spent another 1/3rd of the walk picking up rocks from the tracks, and the last bit hopping around. :)

We spotted this signal light along the walk... 

... and a morning of church and an evening of music on Sunday!

It was rather hot at first, but Junior J was rather amused at the dance segments
for the SYF fiesta!

It was a really enjoyable way to spend the weekend, and the nice thing was, we didn't have to pay for any of these activities!  (The art museum has free admission on Friday nights from 6 pm onwards.)  How did you spend your weekend?

Finally, it was lovely hearing about you spent your weekend last week for the girly giveaway.  So here's the winner:

This would make it the 1st comment on the blog's Facebook page, which would be Juliana! Congrats, drop me a mail to arrange to pick up your prize ya?  Have a blessed week ahead everyone!

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