Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday scrapping: Sun, sea and sand

I'm back to share another layout using some more Jenni Bowlin products...  This time, we were given flag stickers and bingo cards.  I didn't want to string the stickers in usual bunting style, so I ended up sticking them into "sand-castles" as little flags...

The sandcastles were made using beige cardstock, which were distressed with ink.
Then I smeared on a whole load of glue and started dabbing them furiously in a tray of sand!
... as well as using them as little kites:

Then add to that a little message in a bottle (with more sand of course)...

I squished in the date of the photo into the bottle.
The twine happened to be a happy accident, as the bottle refused to stick well to the paper (thanks to the sandy background, so I had to poke holes through the paper and thread the twine through to secure it!

... and you have all the elements you need for a happy, "beach boy" layout! :)  (Ok, I admit, trying to stick down all that sand was quite a nightmare, and I ended up with sand on the table, on the floor, and on myself... but I do like the final outcome!)

Papers: Jenni Bowlin, Beige, dark brown and kraft cardstock
Embellies: Jenni Bowlin flag stickers & bingo card, Tim Holtz bottle
Lettering: AC Thickers and Jenni Bowlin

I hope you've been having a lovely Saturday thus far.  Don't forget to take part in this week's scrappy giveaway if you have not (it closes tomorrow at noon ya?), and enjoy your weekend!


  1. Your layout really brought the beach to life! Nice work there.
    Unfortunately if I did a layout like that Sophie will be seen bawling her eyes out.

  2. Jus, this must be my favourite scrap that I've seen on your site! Love the idea of putting in real sand plus the date in that little bottle!!

  3. Wow so nice. I like the result. Good job, mummy.

  4. Susan: Thanks... But why would she be bawling?

    Corsage: Thanks! I liked the outcome, but the in between process of constantly having to sweep sand off everything was quite tiring... oh well!

    ET Family: Thank you! :)

  5. Jus: U are scrapping lots! I hardly have time to whip up anything but I like the idea of the sand!
    Are those bottles from Tim Holtz?

  6. Hi!! again! I love this layout!! the way you used all these products is so creative! and indeed it makes me feel like f=being at the beach. gorgeous photo also!! hope you are having a great july!

  7. fantastic idea to use sand on your LO (: love it! you're so creative! thanks for inspiring me and the rest of us (:

  8. Another inspirational layout!

  9. It's an awesome piece of work! Very creative :)

  10. u r just so talented! i have to reply to your email!!! Monkey's not really napping! arghs!

  11. Joanna: Not really leh, I think it appears so because I spread out the posts to each Saturday! Have only been able to squeeze out LOs for assignments thus far... And yes, they are Tim Holtz... He has the coolest stuff!

    Sophie: Thanks, and yes, we are having a good July thus far! Hope its the same for you!

    Juanna: :) Thanks... but be warned, if you try this, its gonna get really messy...

  12. Florence and CE: Thank you! :)

    Just Me: Oh dear... he's still on nap strikes? Take your time! Hope you are getting some rest meanwhile!

  13. Because Sophie absolutely hates the sand.. even with her shoes on.

  14. i love this piece!! it's lovely!



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