Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays: Signs of affection

We've hit a spell of night-wakings recently, where Junior J has started waking up a few times each night.  The worst bit of it was on Monday night, when he woke up screaming and crying a total of 8 times... so by morning, I was walking around like a zombie while trying to get my chores done (hence my extremely short post yesterday).  A few things have been adding to the stress as well, and I must say that the 2nd trimester does not come without its share of preggie tiredness (Mummies, were you tired during the 2nd tri too?  Some talk about the burst of energy that comes after the 1st tri, but I don't really feel it!).

But all in all, there is always something to be thankful for.  My list this week would be simple:

:: The Bible that helps us to know God better.  And times spent reading verses and praying with the little boy.

::  All sorts of little learning, be it messy paint jobs, or stacked up towers, or made-up songs with odd lyrics...

:: The child-like interest in the funniest of things...

Pretending to faint like Curious George after smelling ether.  He plops down on the cushion and squeezes his eyes shut.

:: Toddler talk that never fails to make me laugh... ("Brachiosaurus is going to hospital to find a plaster because he fall down...")

"Mama, please wear a mushroom slipper"...
"You are mama mushroom, and I'm the mushroom boy!"

:: And finally, signs of affection that are all around us.  From birds nuzzling, to the hubby washing up the dishes and vacuuming.  From ginseng soup from my mum, to random hugs from a little boy that runs top speed to come crashing into you.  

What are you thankful for this week?

PS: Its been lovely reading all your comments over on the Facebook page... Thanks for sharing your own list of blessings! :)

PPS: I almost forgot that I kept you guys guessing about the theme of our photo wall!  Most of you hit the nail on the head when you guessed it was about the 7 days of Creation... (I know, the last photo is rather off, since its a rainbow! :p)


  1. I dun feel the burst of engery in my 2nd trimester too. Not sure why but I feel more backache, more pain and more tire for the 2nd pregnancy. Hang in there....;)

  2. He looks so grown up in that Curious George post! Any reason for the recent night awakenings? We've been having a little bout of it here too, but thankfully for only 2 days.

  3. Yeah... I felt pretty tired and exhausted through out my pregnancy, just hang on and hv some red dates water tht might help a bit!

    Geezz... looking after a whimpering kid overnight, tht certainly add on the hecticness! You certainly need a good spa and massage!

    Keep well and take care!

  4. I found pregnancy much harder the second time round. It felt like the sickness wore off later and the aches and pains came earlier so the 2nd tri wasn't the honeymoon it was made out to be. Hang in there!

  5. ET Family: Oh yes, it seems this way for me too... esp the pain part. :( Oh well, guess its step by step day by day...

    Corsage: Oh yes, now that you mention it, he does! :) I'm really not sure, he's not sick, so it might be that erupting molar of his... Hope Bubble's bout has passed!

  6. Alice: Red dates water... ok thanks for the tip! :)

    Beanbean: Exactly! The aching is happening all too soon! Perhaps its the running after the boy or something...



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