Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Messy Mittwoch: A wall of memories

Hello!  We have a busy day ahead since we're headed to another museum this morning, but before I run off, here's one of my favourite little corners of the house (that's gone unscathed from all the unpacking from the hubby's trip and our general messiness):

There's our little Father's Day banner, as well as some cherry blossoms
that I've yet to take down since Chinese New Year. :p

This is actually the wall behind our sofa in the living room... with a ledge for books and some photographs.  These little frames (from Ikea) hold fond memories, since some were taken during a trip to Australia:

... while others were snapped during our honeymooon to New Zealand. :)

The eight photos actually follow a storyline/theme.  Can you guess what the theme is? ;)


  1. theme: cheer to mother nature!


  2. I would love a peek into your beautiful home! :) Would you like to submit a photo or two that represents 'calm beauty' to the A Dollop Of My Home series? hehe

  3. beautiful photos! let me guess the theme, God's creation of the earth? (:

  4. nice... was thinking along the lines of genesis 1 also :)

  5. Can Godpa answer the questions? :P (not DG member identity)

  6. I love love love your wall colour!

  7. I know, i know! Story of Noah's ark! Genesis 6.

  8. Was thinking Gen 1 but no human.. Then rainbow reminds me of noah's ark but sheep is alone.. So pls do tell what it is cos I can't figure it out! (haha I must be so dumb for not getting it!)

  9. Thanks everyone for trying to guess! I'll keep you guys guessing for awhile more and let you guys know the answer next week, but some of you are pretty close! ;)

    Kelly: Thanks! Only this section has this dark brown colour, the rest of the living room is actually beige... we just added this accent colour sometime ago... :)

    Godpa: NO! You already know the answer, so you can't spoil the fun ya?

    Corsage: Heeheee, thanks for the invite, will try to see if there are suitable photos! Most of the home definitely isn't "calm beauty", whooops!



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