Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Made: Celebrating fathers... :)

The hubby is back! :)  He touched down yesterday, which meant we were able to celebrate Father's Day with him.  This round, I was pondering whether to make Junior J and him matchy father-son T-shirts like previously.  However, with me being on my own for the week, I found it impossible to find time to craft, so we went for something simple.  

Junior J helped me with stamping alphabets as the background to the piece (but needed some guidance):

And we found it useful to have a "template" to refer to (little boy loved identifying the letters to pick out the alphabet stamps): 

Then I stuck on some alphabet stickers and drew an outline to make them stand out:

And strung them all up by runing the circles through a sewing machine:

A simple, happy banner!  We thought it was just the thing to welcome Papa back. :)

Happy Father's Day to all dads all there!


  1. The welcome banner is really very simple and creative. The colours are cheerful. :)

  2. This is lovely! Simple yet so sweet :)

  3. Nice father's day present!
    I bought the same alphabet stamp set as you. But my little one pressed the stamp on one of the four colours, stamped, then went on to press the same stamp on a different colour before I could stop him. Now my ink pad's kinda messy and ugly. :( How did you get Junior J to use one colour at a time? I contemplated buying ink pads that come in just one colour, and just using one colour each time we do craft work. But that would be rather boring. Don't think I can salvage that messy 4-colour ink pad anymore... sigh! It was brand new!!!

  4. Mummy PR: Thanks for dropping a comment! :) We were really hard-pressed for time, hence only a simple project will do! ;)

    Ruth: Thank you thank you... :) Was reading your blog and its nice to see your boy doing all those art activities! :)

  5. Ling: Haha, I was quite the "control-freak" when we were using the stamp pad. :p I was telling him we could only stamp on one colour and had to clean the stamp with a wet wipe before we changed colours. Held his hand most of the time as he had difficulty applying even pressure when he did the stamping... so much for stimulating creativity aye?

    I think buying those one colour ink pads might be a good idea for them when they are younger, then maybe swop out the ink pads after say, 5 minutes and the stamps that were used have been cleaned? Its good to always have a wet wipe/rag at hand during such activities. :) Or you can try using those stamps with washable paints!

  6. So sweet of you to have done this despite how busy you were last week! The dad must be very touched :)

  7. Corsage: :) I think he was a little too jet-lagged and chinese-food-deprived to really take a good look at it... but the boy and I did have fun doing it! :)

  8. Like Ling above, I also have the same ink pad, completely ruined by Noey's multiple stamping. Sigh! What a pretty banner. You make the nicest things!



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