Friday, June 17, 2011

Thinking Thursdays: Once there was an egg.

This egg was laid by a butterfly, and was quiet and still in the morning.

It is suddenly woken.  "Time to wake up, Mr Caterpillar!"  The caterpillar inside is reluctant to come out, since its too comfortable and warm, nestled inside its eggshell.

No Mama, I want to sleep some more!

Finally the caterpillar decides to come out of its egg, and starts to crack open its shell.  "Crack!  Crack!", it goes, as the egg slowly opens.

It quickly gets into a new skin so that it will be protected from hungry birds.  But he is still sleepy and does not want to move.  However, after a drink of water...

... Mr Caterpillar finds the energy to get up and about.  First stop of the day would be to deal with the remains of his eggshell.  While some would eat up their shell, this one is practical.  He throws away the smelly portion, and gets his Mama to wash the rest so that it can be used again.

Juju throw the heavy diaper!  Bring bear bear to eat breakfast!

The hungry caterpillar munches his way through breakfast and lunch (who says caterpillars only eat leaves?), and has fun exploring his world.  All dirty and tired, Mr Caterpillar then goes for a bath.  That is when something strange happens.  While splashing in the tub, he changes into a pupa... and once his furry covering is on, becomes a chrysalis (with rather messy and wet hair topping it).  

The pupa goes through one final change of skin, shedding his furry coating, and is now ready for his nap.  Thankfully, his skin protects him from the birds that want to eat him.  And when he finally wakes up... he's become a butterfly, and is all ready to explore the world again!


We've been "play-acting" this story for the past two days, and its been helping with regards to the little boy's reluctance to change clothes!  Also, it seems to also reinforce the boy's learning about the life cycle of the butterfly.  How do you make clothes changing an easier affair with your toddler?


  1. oh wow! you are so creative! i'm just trying so hard to change his nappy and clothes now that i have to beg, plead and bribe him! i have to use this tactic of yours!


  2. Just Me: We tried the begging and pleading and bribing too! :S This seems to work for now, but I guess when the novelty wears off, we might have to find some other way! All the best!



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