Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thinking Thursdays: Conversations at the zoo (and a good deal!)

Its just an ordinary day at the zoo.  

The "lion is drinking water".
"They have a red and a yellow balloon, so they are happy!"

"The monkey is making friends with the girl."

"The rabbits eat carrots together! Um, um um..."

"The mama has a bag.  She likes popcorn!  The girl has a pink balloon."

"The polar bear is drinking water from the fountain.  The papa is wearing a hat!"

All in a day's work for a little zoo-keeper, who not only cares for the animals, but also ensures the guests have things to eat!  However, the animals do seem to be running amok everywhere (like the lion who seems to be drinking water from the little boy!)...


The pictures above are of Junior J's Zoo sticker play scene by Mudpuppy, which we purchased a while ago (yup, we weren't given this to try out, but are just sharing since we love these sticker sets alot!).  The play scene has 50 over durable vinyl stickers, which are reusable, and stick only to the play scene (no more walking around with assorted stickers being stuck to your clothes and hands!), and is phthalate-free and printed using non-toxic, soy-based inks.  

Extremely absorbed in his little world at the zoo. :)

So far, its kept him occupied for over 30 minutes at a time, during bible study sessions and times when we've had to keep him with us during church service.  I do like how it allows for imaginative play (the boy has all those conversations as described above), and how the stickers can be peeled off and reused over and over again!  Another plus point is that its easy to tote around!

There's actually quite a wide variety of Mudpuppy play scenes available, ranging from boyish themes like construction sites and monsters, to feminine themes such as ballerinas and fairytale theatres.  Of course, there are more gender-neutral play scenes such as the zoo and farm sets.  The rest of the Mudpuppy range seems interesting too, such as their playspaces and puzzles.  And if you'd prefer smaller sticker sets, Peaceable Kingdom has these smaller sticker totes (with the same kind of stickers but a background scene that folds into a smaller size), such as the "Fun in the Sun" and "Dinosaur" sets, as well as "Colours and Shapes" sets for younger kids.  :)

Oh, and the good news is, Smart Alley (who stocks all these sticker sets) has agreed to give all you dear readers a storewide discount of 10% on regular priced items.  This means the discount is applicable for all other items, not just sticker sets!  For the next two weeks (21st July to 4th Aug), just key in the discount code "mm10" before checkout to get 10% off your purchases... You can visit them by clicking on the banner below.  Happy shopping!

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