Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Messy Mittwoch: Wardrobe woes

We have a small walk-in wardrobe.  Its currently in a huge giganto-mongo mess, since I'm in the process of unearthing my maternity clothes (which I've been forced to dig out, since now I can no longer fit into normal stretchy stuff) and I'm also trying to sort out and declutter all the clothes and other things that have accumulated over the years.  To add to all the chaos, I've been slowly trying to go through all the baby clothes that Junior J has outgrown, to prepare for number 2.  Its going to be a really long process, so I'm not going to bore you guys with talking about it... However, recently, Junior J has had quite abit to remark with regards to wardrobe matters:

(I change into a large baggy T-shirt to bring the boy to the playground, since most of my usual tops ride up now, thanks to the big belly.)

Me: Let's go to the playground now...

Junior J: Silly mama!  You're wearing Papa's shirt!


(Junior J walks into our room, and sees the mess around him.  He shakes his head.)

Junior J: Such CONFUSION!  (This is a phrase he's picked up from a book by Leo Lionni, which we have been reading alot of.)


Whatever the case, I still think I have better fashion sense than the little boy:

His current obsession is with toilet rolls.  He wears them on his head, stuffs his arms into them,
stuffs eggs into them and declare they are ice-cream cones...

Just snapped this morning.  Got very fed-up trying to get him to change out of his jammies,
and left the room to prepare his breakfast.  He decided to compromise by wearing
BOTH his jammies and his T-shirt together!

Ok.  Gotta go pack up that confusing mess.  While wearing Papa's shirt.  Have a blessed day!


  1. This is so hilarious! BTw, is no 2 are girl or boy???

  2. Jo: Haha, its a boy... I was planning on buying a whole bunch of Emma's Shoppe to scrap if it was a girl, but oh well... I guess I'm saving money! ;P



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