Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays: On exhausting days...

... like today, after a whole bunch of night-wakings and me having to sleep scrunched up next to Junior J on his mattress for half the night (I think he's falling sick), which has made the preggie back ache even more...

... where the tantrum meter is up on HIGH because of the night wakings, and you get a "I don't want!" response every 5 minutes of the day (covering lunch, coming out of the tub, getting out of bed and everything else you need to do)...

... I'm just very very thankful that kids have naptimes.  Because I too, needed to nap, since I was already resorting to hiding in the toilet to cry.  Maybe its the preggie hormones.

Hope to be back later for a longer list though.  Meanwhile, what are you thankful for?  


  1. Big hug to you, for persevering through all that!! Toilet cry times can be good for the soul after you feel totally squashed of energy and grace. Thankful for YOU, for sharing your real struggles that reminds me to look to Jesus, just like you do, and give thanks in trying times. Take care Jus. He's with you.

  2. Sorry to stray off the thankfulness theme! I cut a lot of corners when Layla was 2-ish to make life easier for myself, e.g. I'd dress her in clothes or a top that was decent enough to wear out the next morning so we wouldn't have any changing wars. We'd also skip the morning shower and head out of the home real fast (she was usually in a good mood once we were outdoors) and we ate a lot of take-out.

    Hope you'll find your survival short-cuts and solutions soon, hang in there!

  3. hang in there. i know the feeling. i've been to the toilet to cry quite a few times myself. i felt so helpless and hopeless but i can safely say that things definitely get better. :) and yes,it might be the hormones. just blame it on that if it makes u feel better. :)

  4. ironic to have read this today when Noey skipped his nap! that made me grouchy the whole day because of the 1.5 hrs i wasted trying to make him sleep. sigh. i also think it's because he's come down with a cold. hang in there Jus! i know it's extra rough when you're pregnant. the tough days make me thankful for the good days!

  5. Hope you're feeling better. It's true that hormones can be the real culprit, making one more weepy.

    I'm thankful to have a bit of quietness in the house and time to surf the net, now that the entire family is asleep...

    Hang in there... big hugs.

  6. I thank God the kids are able to play together peacefully most of the times today.
    I cut corners too dressing my boy in clothes that he could wear to school the next day. Especially helpful when he is in his terrible two often refusing to change in the morning. A 'no' is very common for my boy when he was 2. Even wiping of his mouth would result in tantrum. I had to coax him to bath with toys and only able to get him out using TV; and then having to give candies to get him to stop watching when it's time to go. The cycles go on till end of the day. Hang in there.... Keeping you in my prayer.

  7. Hang in there!!! I've had those cry in the toilet days too. They will eventually pass...

  8. Hope you're feeling better today! Whether it's the hormones or not, it's ok to cry it out and get things out of the system! It works for me ;) And you always have this outlet, and you've got us! Anyway, Kenan's getting tougher to handle these days as he gets more assertive and the last 2 days, he refused to nap! I couldn't work at all except after he's gone to bed, so I'm really frustrated me big time and feel so exhausted. But looking at the brighter side of things, it motivates me to think how I can work more efficiently and do more planning ahead :) Btw, I think you're doing great! You're managing the household without a helper and being preggy too, I doubt I can do what you're doing. So give yourself a pat on the back! *hugs*

  9. Thanks everyone, for the prayers and comments and encouragement! Its one of the things that helps me through these tough times, knowing that I'm not alone!

    Ruth: You must have been so tired when he didn't nap and you had to work late at night! Hope you're hanging in there and that he's back to napping again?

    Beanbean: Hope Noey is better? I really hope he's napping again... hang in there mummy!

    E: Thanks for those tips!



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