Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Made: A doctor's kit

Recently, the hubby borrowed "A Day with the Animal Doctors" (by Sharon Rentta) from the library.  The book is beautifully illustrated, and we've been having a lot of fun pouring over the many many things to see inside the book (I'm actually thinking of purchasing our own copy in the future, since the book seems like a keeper!).  After reading this:

I thought little boy might just like having his own little doctor first aid kit, especially since he likes running off with his Papa's stethoscope and listening to everything, including his own foot!  (He also pretends to "check Mama's throat", by mock-listening to my leg.  Guess he still needs to brush up on his anatomy!)

So I got him a little suitcase from Papermarket (it ended up being a polka-dotted one, since those seemed a little more durable than the plain-coloured ones), cut out and stuck a cross outside, and filled it up with various medical-related implements:

Some old plasters, a bandage roll, a syringe (for any animals who need injections),
and the all important medicated oil for tummy aches (I reused some old empty bottle I had).

An old stethoscope that my dad used when he had to take his blood pressure (he has hypertension, and they used to only have those sphygmomanometers where you have to inflate the pressure cuff on your own).
At least this way, we'll also reduce the probability of Junior J running off with Papa's stethoscope and spoiling it (he's dismantled it a few times!).

The stuff in the kit.  The blue fabric is actually a cap that's supposed to be worn inside the OT.
The hubby never wore this version, and I thought little boy might like it,
since he reads in Curious George that the doctors in the OT wear masks and caps!

I'm thinking of adding more stuff in, like a thermometer, eye chart and various bottles containing "medicines", but I've not had the time to make those yet.  So far, the boy has been having fun doctoring his beloved bear bear:

Bear bear knocked his head and needed to be bandaged up.
 Then he had a tummyache, and got medicated oil "rubbed" all over his little furry tummy!

And at least I know he has rather good bedside manners for an animal doctor! ;)

Do your kids like to play at being doctors? :)


  1. This is so cute,Jus! I hope Jude grows up to be a doctor just like his papa!!

  2. Yeah, I can’t agree this is so cute. Jr will prob gets really busy nursing his friends to good health again. And I love your doctor’s kit. It’s so real and durable unlike those cheapo plastic doc’s kit. =p

  3. Awww...this so cute...especially the last photo. It so adorable to see kids role play with their soft toys.

  4. What a great idea! My girl has been asking for a Dr kit and I have been wondering what to do with the extra lunch box too. The roll of old bandage will be great fun for the kids instead of turning yellow in storage :)

  5. I like the kit you put together for Junior J! And the bear with the bandaged head is so cute!!! I would like to let my boy play Dr, but probably after I teach him more what docs do :)

  6. awww so sweet of Jude to take such good care of bear-bear!

  7. Aw, the doctor kit is so cute! I love how Junior J showers his teddy bear with his loving care. =)

    My oldest boy is bit "traumatised" after the hospital stay not long ago. I hope to play Dr to help him overcome his fear.

  8. noey loves his dr's kit (actually the nurses' kit from ELC), but his fav thing to do is pack it all up and head out the main door with it while telling me he's going to the office! he loves copying his papa i guess. how cute is that bandaged bear? you've given me some ideas of what to add to noey's doctor's kit. and oh, he has that same blue singlet that J's got on too! i think all kids have those for home wear!

  9. I love this idea, Jus! You're attention to detail is really admirable :)

  10. First time commenting but I have to say, what a fabulous idea! The kit looks great! :)

  11. Thanks everyone! :) Hope you have fun making your own doctor's kit if you do try it out...

    Beanbean: Yes, those singlets are necessary, in our hothot weather! We have loads of those...

    Nurashiqin: Thanks for dropping by!

    PR: Sorry to hear about that... yes, the role-playing might help, or perhaps you could get him a story book about hospitals? Like "Curious George visits the hospital" or something?



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