Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Made: Quotable quotes

Junior J has been talking more and more these days.  There has been lots and lots of childish chatter, and he never fails to come up with some gem of a statement each day that puts a smile on my face, such as:

    Mama: Do you want to listen to Sunday School songs?

    J: NO!  I listen to Tchaikovsky ONLY!  

    (Ok... well, at least Papa will say you have decent taste, my boy.  He'll prefer that to some rock band I guess...)


    Mama: Which is your favourite song by Tchaikovsky?

    J: (Thinks very hard...) Old Macdonald!


    (Little boy holds up an ambulance sticker.  He scrutinizes it for awhile.)

    J: This is the ________ hospital ambulance (insert name of hospital which hubby works in).
    (He turns and looks at the hubby.)

    J: You can drive this to work!

   Hubby (trying very hard not to laugh): Errr, ok, I really wish I could!

However, my preggie brain tends to forget these little snippets rather quickly, and I didn't want to leave my journalling in a digital form only (after all, if I were to record down all these little moments, there'll be no end to it on the blog and FB page!)... I didn't have time to come up with a nice little album, or a journal jar (like the previous one made to record all the "first words" the boy was picking up)... so I took the easy way out and scribbled them inside a novel-sized journal:

Right now, its becoming a habit to just spend about 5 minutes scribbling down these little moments before I sleep each night.  Perhaps one day I might do an album for some of the quotes, but meanwhile, at least I do have all the toddler talk down on paper somewhere!

How do you keep record of all these little moments?  Do you write them down?  Or is there a special album to store these little memories?


  1. I keep a notebook as well, Ally is famous for her hilarious one liners which I never want to forget. Now that Max is becoming more vocal, there's even more to write down :)

  2. i like the idea of writing down what the kids said...
    too cute!

  3. Kids really say the cutest things! I'm so looking forward to the day my boy starts talking, and I'll write them down too, like the way you do :)

  4. Jillian: Cool! :) Double the fun I guess... Do you keep separate books for them, or does everything go in the same book?

    Shaggyfish: :) I had to just use a notebook... knowing how fast you scrap, you'd do a beautiful album for all of your little boy's quotes!

    Ruth: Yup, I'm sure you'll have lots of fun recording all the funny and poignant moments! :)

  5. I'm a lousy recorder of events and doing regular stuff that you do so well! So far all I've done is to write what I remember on the blog, which is only a small portion of what we get to hear :( But I know myself, if I start a notebook I'll probably stop after a while. My 1000+ wedding photos sitting under my table is testament to that =P

  6. Corsage: Actually I have many projects that I've started where I've never gotten down to finishing! :p But I thought at least I'd just try this time to scribble a little bit everyday, and I've managed to keep it up for a week thus far. Not sure how long I'll be able to sustain this though! (PS: You really should write them down, your Bubbles has such amazing toddler talk! She knocks my socks off!)



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