Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Just popping by to say...

Taken 1 year ago... time certainly flies, and I'm so glad that we can capture moments in photos!

Happy National Day! :)  Its been a busy day since the hubby is stuck home rushing work, but we're hoping to catch the fireworks later.  How have you been spending your time during this holiday?


  1. Ur ah boy looks so cute in this shot.

  2. How time goes by...........my two girls are growing so fast.....

  3. No holiday for us! Just wanted to say HI! Enjoy the fireworks.

  4. Hi Jus! Did u catch the fireworks in the end? We din watch the celebration for the 1st time... Too busy cataloguing nic's new lib shelf. Ikea delivered so late in the evening,and we nailed it to the wall around 8plus. Luckily the neighbours were tolerant of the din.
    Oh, and finally, I came up with a logo for my blog. Drew it... All on National Day! Dead beat at end of day. Do visit my site, leave any comments, join or like it? Cya around.

  5. SY: :) A year ago! Time really zooms by...

    Elena: Yup with kids time really zips by so quickly! Thanks for dropping by, btw!

    Euphoria: Hey, long time no hear! :) Hope you've been good? How's little Lara?

    Sue Ann: Yup we did... wow, sounds like a busy National day for you! Will try to comment soon, but of course I've been popping by regularly!



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