Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays: Each morning...

... the boy's mood varies.  Some days he wakes up all sunshine and smiles, some days he refuses to get up and throws a tantrum.  Whatever the case, we try to read a little bit of the Bible and say a little prayer before we head for breakfast.  Part of the prayer includes thanking God for various things, and the boy always has an interesting list.  Thus far, he's thanked God for:

:: Squares, triangles and various shapes
:: Books, and the Bible
:: Animals
:: Pillows and his stuffed animal friends
:: Mama and Papa, baby, and various friends and family
:: Rain
:: Waterlilies
:: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
:: Birds
:: His blanket

I love the things he thinks up, since they are so simple, yet make such a difference in our lives!  And here's mine for the week:

:: God's patience and love for me, in times when I am likely to impatient and unloving.

:: Nature and beauty in the world around us, from flowers, to the buzzing of busy bees.

:: Help from the in-laws, who are visiting for the week (hubby is going to be away for almost half a month this round).

:: Smiles and laughter from the little boy, which help to make all the tantrums better.

This week, the boy has been acting up quite abit.  But these cheerful moments help to bring a smile to my face!

:: The strong arms of Papa, that are always willing to carry the little boy.  We do miss him alot, and are glad he had a safe flight.

Petting stingrays at the Underwater World

What are you thankful for this week?

PS: Thank you for all your suggestions to how to make the little boy's constipation better... its still bothering him, but I'm hoping we'll sort it out soon...


  1. Thanks for the lil reminder that thankfulness and prayerfulness do help to keep challenges at bay :) love the cute list of the things yr lil one gives thanks for!

  2. I'm thankful for:
    - hubby who cooks my meals now that i'm in grad school & he's not working
    - the sunshine: with the prospect of fall then winter round the corner though it's blazing hot I am thankful cos I know soon I will miss the sun
    - trees which provide shade & beautiful foliage
    - the brain and the joy God gives in the process of learning, which is also able to do strange things like now enable me to drive on the other side of the road!
    - language; particularly common languages that mean I can connect with others regardless of skin color

  3. Mamawearpapashirt: :) Yes, his list does make me smile... those funny things they would think of!

    Florence: So nice of hubby to be cooking for you! Sounds like you are settling in well?



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