Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Messy Mittwoch: Some progress

I've been using little pockets of time here and there (of 10 minutes or so) to clean and declutter when the hubby is away.  When the in-laws were here last week, they voluntarily helped with some of the kitchen cleaning, and my FIL also helped me to clear up my really messy garden (he's the one with the green fingers).  And finally, I think we're seeing a little bit of progress here and there.  Here's one area that took a blasting:

This was our really messy piano top, which had all sorts of bits and bobs scattered on it.  I cleared everything off, gave the cloth runner a wash (but decided to do without it finally, to allow for easy dusting), and this is the end result:

Little boy brought back flowers for me from a trip to the market with his grandparents. :)
And I love our calendar, which features different artwork each day based on Bible verses.

The other side of the piano has a lamp and this phototray (one of my fav projects!).  All clear!

Have you been decluttering too?  Which areas have you been working on?


  1. Ahhh... it'll always be the kids' bookshelves, can't bear it whn it look like a slump after the kids misplace the books.

  2. hey Jus! haven't visited for sooo long, your little curious G is growing fast! :)

    I'm kaypo I know. but I am looking at that framed wedding photo on your piano top, and it looks a little (can't really tell) like it had sleeves? We're trying to find a wedding dress with sleeves! if yours had, can you tell me where you got it? thanks!

  3. I love decluttering! I find it extremely therapeutic :) Unfortunately, I usually wait too long for mess to accumulate.

    Just decluttered my son's room. There is a shelf of books (my hubby and mine) collecting dust in his room. Bought the storage boxes some time back but procrastinated in packing. Finally found time last week. Now his room feels more spacious and the air seems fresher :)

  4. looks spAnking clean! well done! didnt realise your 2nd kiddo will be born in the same year as mine!

  5. Alice: Haha, I know what you mean! I've half-given up since we have books all over the place!

    Vio: Hello, long time no hear! :) Forgive me for asking, but why on earth are you looking for a wedding dress? Do I hear wedding bells? ;P ANd no, mine didn't have sleeves unfortunately... but I think most bridal studios do have gowns with sleeves, or you can get them to alter the gown to add cap sleeves to certain designs...

  6. Joce: Same, feels quite good to throw things out! And yay for being able to clear those books out!

    Homeschool@SG: Thanks! And yes, number 2 is due pretty soon! ;) Hope you are doing well on your side?

  7. Must be the nesting urges that you might be having..hehe. Where did u keep all those things btw? I am so pleased with my big decluttering project (with the move)..with less mess around the house, everything just seems so much more refreshing and comfortable.

  8. Haha.. seems like this is a time for decluttering for many people :)I've been doing for over a month already. I cleared pockets here and there, think have accumulated too many things and it's taking longer than expected. But I'm happy with the pace and glad to be able to keep going at it. Looking forward to a home that's totally cleared of all the unwanted stuff.

  9. Rachel: Haha, perhaps! Some were chucked, some were put in their proper places (should have done that ages ago!)... And I've been reading your posts, the little corners of your new place looks lovely!

    Ruth: Yay for decluttering! We are still at it, cos we have stuff accumulated way back since uni days, so you can imagine how much stuff we have to clear...



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