Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday made: Cup Critters (and a giveaway!)

Hello!  How was your weekend?  Little boy and I managed to squeeze in some more crafting over the weekend and got started on these new craft materials from a little Cup Critter kit sent over from Hocusadabra (all the way from Hong Kong!).  Junior J had a good time examining the different parts and experimenting with how everything fit together...

And he was able to help me poke the holes into the cup (using the little tool provided) so that we could attach the various parts using clips... 

At the end of it all, we got a new little penguin friend, with very little mess generated!  I was happy I didn't have to do major cleaning up (which sometimes happens when we work with paints/glue), and the boy was delighted that he managed to make his own feathered friend...

"Hello Mr Penguin!  You are from the South Pole..."

I must say I'm really impressed with the idea behind the whole Makedo range, which includes these Cup Critter kits.  Basically, the various kits provide reusable plastic parts, such as the turquiose re-clips, which are basically fasteners that can hold different parts of your project together securely (unlike glued-on parts which may fall off after constant handling).  Yet they can be easily taken apart too, so you get to reuse them in other projects!  The Cup Critter kits also come with this handy little black tool that helps to punch holes in cardboard/paper (for inserting the re-clips), and was really great since Junior J could use it and I didn't have to worry about him poking his eye out (which you run the risk of, if you use toothpicks or satay sticks!)   

Aside from those reusable parts (which can be saved for the next project after your child's animal friend falls apart from constant "attention"), the Cup Critter kits also came with all the paper parts needed to complete 2 animal friends (even extra eye stickers were provided!).  Little prep needed, no mess to clean up, and useful parts that we can re-use for other projects... We like!

Makedo also has other useful tools/parts, such as the safe-saw (that allows kids to cut cardboard safely without using a penknife) and lock-hinges, which are provided in other kits (you can browse their whole range here).  All in all, there are kits that provide just these tools and parts, which you could use to make your own creations.  There are also kits that come with the tools and parts, along with other materials to make various items from recyclables, such as a dollhouse.  These are great if you don't have a project in mind to start of with, and you get to reuse the parts later on for other projects...

So here's the good news, Hocusadabra is giving away a Cup Critter Kit (the monkey and rabbit combination seen on the right below) to one lucky reader of this blog!  All you need to do to enter would be to:

1. Hop over to our Facebook page and like the page if you haven't done so.

2. Leave a comment under the link for this blog post (on the FB page that is!), sharing about the projects you might try to do with the Makedo kits.  (Please note that only comments on the FB page count, and this giveaway is restricted to those staying in Singapore...)

Giveaway ends next Monday, 19th Sept, at 12 noon.  So just hop over and share ya?  All the best, and have a great week!


An update: Our lil cup critters will be heading to their new owner, Cephas, very soon!  Pearlyn, do drop me an email to claim the kit ok?  Congrats, and have fun crafting with the materials!

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