Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays: Light up my life

We had a mini mooncake party yesterday night after dinner.  The little boy had agreed to keep the mooncake "to share when Papa is back", and we sat around the dining table, all 3 of us (plus Mr Moose, who was Junior J's invited guest) and cut the mooncake with much pomp and celebration.  We finished it all up (Mr Moose got the crumbs), and then got out the little boy's lantern and went for a walk in the park downstairs.  All of us enjoyed watching all the people walk by with their own lanterns, looking at children playing with sparklers, just soaking everything in...

The boy's lantern was from his Por Por.  He was allowed to choose (there were all sorts, from the plastic ones that played music and had flashing lights, to those with cartoons and all sorts of patterns), and insisted he liked the traditional, plain paper ones best (I was quite relieved, since I thought those were still the nicest!).

So this week, I am thankful for things that make life a little brighter in their own ways:

:: God painting the skies every day, with sunsets, sunrises and rainbows.

:: The hubby safely reaching back after being overseas for 2 weeks... (We made it, and Baby J didn't make an early entrance, phew!)

:: Friends who swing by to chat and bring food for you.

:: Clear skies today after 2 days of yucky haze.  Hurray for clean laundry drying in fresher air!

:: Light that makes things grow, and helps us see...

:: This little boy, who gets 20 minutes of play from a piece of string ("I'm fishing for worms, Mama, to feed the fish!).

What brightens up your life these days?


  1. Little J is ok to play with lantern with candle? This is the first year my little boy got to play with a lantern but we got him a battery operated one. When's your No.2 due? :)

  2. Now look at that last picture! What a smile to brighten up my day!!!! :) so adorable!!!!

    ps Haze? doesn't it usually happen in August?

    pps I just replied to your email. I have something to tell you..:)

  3. Ruth: Yup, he was fascinated with the whole process of having to light it, and having it go out at the end... No. 2's due end Oct! Few more more...

    Just Me: Haha, he was in a really good mood that night. And yes, the haze was back for 2 days, but has seemed to cleared up... and thanks! Got your mail, will reply you soon, you take care!



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