Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday scrapping: Just busy

The nesting instinct has really kicked in and I've been frantically cleaning and decluttering today.  That is, when I'm not feeling like I need a nap, which is about half the time!  Aside from that, there has been some progress on the "Almost 3" album, since the pages for Junior J's 32nd month milestones are done:

Am off to pack some more!

PS: Little boy has finally accepted that the sewn on fake pebbles on his river scene are here to stay, after he discovered he can hide real pebbles in them!


  1. Loving the details I saw in this album.
    Hope you are having all the rest you could get before #2 arrive :)
    Wishing you a speedy and peaceful delivery when the right time arrive.


  2. So beautiful ! Wish I had the time/energy to do it! Btw I got ur stuff for the kids! Shall send them with a postcard n attention it to Junior J next week. N sorry no time to reply to ur email. Nap strike here :(

  3. Dorcas: Thanks! Am trying to rest, but you know how it is when its in the last weeks, with all the interrupted sleep and all...

    Just Me: Rest up, it will get better ya? ;) And thank you so much! No worries, take your time... hope T will nap eventually and give Mama some much needed rest!



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