Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays: Journeying with little ones

Snapped during a trip in Oz. :)

Little boy has been waking up the past two nights yelling "MAMA!  MAMA!!!" at the top of his voice.  He tells me he is "scared of a tiger" (we had been making up stories from characters of the Jungle book, and Shere Khan the tiger was one of them)... but after some hugs and a prayer, he tells me he is "not scared anymore" and then goes back to sleep on his own.  

It is times like this when I start to feel the responsibility of parenthood.  Of how little hands search for ours to hold so readily, and how little minds embrace what we say each day (and how careful we must be with our actions and what comes out from our mouths!).  And then I am thankful for this journey that is given to each and every parent, to be able to take those little steps with them towards independence.  And I am reminded that even with the potholes we trip over, be it potty problems or sleep training dilemmas, we are blessed to take this journey with our children.

So today, I am thankful for all the little rays of sunshine that stream in on us in this everyday journey:

:: God's steadfast love... and mercies that are new every morning.

:: How we can point the little boy to God as a source of hope and strength (he declares at night "God and the star is watching over me!").

:: Sunrises and sunsets and painted skies.

:: Chit-chats with the hubby at night after a long day.

:: The spontaneous hugs and kisses from the boy, who declares he's "hugging baby!".

:: Squirms and kicks from baby that remind me we are going to have another companion for this journey.  Very very soon.

:: Everyday messes that show that little hands are being busy...

Look Mama... I mix all the paint up!

:: The stuff kids can come up with at play:

Clipping the cushion's nails, using a clothes peg as a nail clipper...

Random picnics and birthday parties that happen at anytime of the day.
All you need is a mat, some furry friends, and some good food.
(Apples, carrots, pineapples, grapes and cucumbers, based on colours!)

:: Piping hot milo at night, and the smell of coffee on sleepy mornings.

:: Thoughful friends who shower you with love in all sorts of ways... 

:: Playdates where little ones learn to share.  Where the fun is doubled and laughter is unlimited!

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. Lovely post! I am thankful for the parenting journey, that Big Bee's exams are over, that Little Bee is a really chirpy and happy baby, that Hubby and I have early morning breakfasts, just the 2 of us, that my mum comes everyday to help with my kids! :)

  2. I'm thankful that this chapter of my life is coming to a close soon...and thankful that God is sustaining me through the subtle stressors!
    You're almost there too!!!!! =D

  3. I'm thankful for your sharing :)
    It reminds me to just take time and sit down to accompany my little girl to learn her spelling.... take time to have some rough play with the boy... instead of trying to complete the daily housework which is never ending.

  4. The Beauties in Our Lives: Yay... that's a great list! :) So nice that the exams are over for Big Bee!

    Evergreen: Oh... hope things are ok on your side! You take care yes?

    CE: Oh yes, tell me about the housework... it keeps piling up! :p I admit I do get rather stressed about it, but I'm trying to enjoy the parenting journey... hang in there yah?



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