Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend wanderings: One last blast!

This weekend was a busy one.  Even though the hubby had to work on Sunday, we managed to:

:: Meet Baby J on the ultrasound screen, followed by a walk in the Botanic Gardens (in the sweltering noon heat!) for lunch.

:: Squeeze in some art and craftiness...

Junior J helping me to dye pumpkin seeds in preparation for a playdate craft activity.
But our attempt failed since the seeds didn't take up the food colouring,
so I think we'll just dry them and paint them instead...

Since the seed experiment didn't work, we ended up just sticking to good old playdough (we used Kanten Clay).
Junior J had loads of fun playing with dough with his friend S, and mama had a nice evening with chatting with friends and enjoying the yummy pizza they brought over!

:: Have good meals with loved ones (lunch at Porpor's, a visit from the hubby's uncle's family, and pizza with friends when the hubby was working)...

:: Pay a visit to a fire station with friends...

Our friend H with baby I, who was rather fascinated with her helmet! 

... where the kids got to learn more about all the rescue vehicles and how everything worked...

Trying out the hose.  The look on the boy's face says it all.  He didn't want to go up on the tall ladder though!

... and also got fire helmets of their own:

The open house was really good since you really get to see everything, from the classic sliding down the pole demos,
to exploring all the various tools and vehicles.  For more info on these open houses, click here!

:: And do lots more packing for baby's arrival:

The hubby and Junior J sat down and folded this "towel tower" (as they termed it) in preparation for  Baby J's arrival.
And I managed to pack and clean some more (the nesting instinct is kicking in very hard!)

We had quite a blast. :)  (And its probably going to be the last weekend that is so action-packed, at least for awhile, until we get used to being a family of four!)   How was your weekend?

Eyes all squinty from being blasted by the giant fan on the ventilation vehicle at the fire station.  Junior J loved this!


  1. hahah such nice pictures!!
    Juju looks so cute and his smiles are so big!
    Hope Baby J and Mama J are doing okay ;)


  2. Still love your photos so much! Can't wait to see Jamie soon!

  3. Wow, the fire station visit looks like a whole lotta fun! Can't wait to bring D in the future :) Excited for you as you count down to that special date!! Four will be wonderful, I'm sure ;)

  4. hey, i went to the fire station with Noey the previous weekend on a spur of the moment outing! J looks so happy!

  5. oooh! i wonder if there is a fire station tour here too! T is crazy about fire engines!

    it sounds like you're all ready for bub number 2! :)

    ps Junior J looks like both of you! so cute!

  6. Evergreen: Thanks! Yes, we are doing great thus far... :)

    Jo: Thanks gal! Yup will sms you when he's here...

    Dotz: Yes it was... I think D will enjoy it when he's around 2 years and won't be too startled by loud noises like the siren etc? ;)

  7. Beanbean: You did? Hahaha... did Noey enjoy it?

    Just Me: You could check it out? I'm sure T would love to visit a station! Yup, we're sorta prepared... sorta! :p



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