Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thinking Thursdays: One big happy family (Making the Roly Poly Bird)

After we were done with Trunky the elephant, little boy asked for Muggle Wump the monkey from "The Enormous Crocodile".  That one was pretty easy since we had a Makedo cup critter kit for a monkey (ok, some descriptions say its supposed to be a cow, but then it looked like a monkey to me), so the critter became Muggle Wump.  When Muggle Wump was done, little boy thought long and hard, and declared "we have all the animals, but NOT Roly Poly bird!".  So you know what I ended up doing...

Roly Poly bird was tough in the sense that he ideally should have spindly legs like all birds... but those skinny legs don't hold up very well!  In the end I got fed up trying to prop up a body with those pipe-cleaners, and decided he'll have to be in a permanent "sitting" position (little boy declared he'll teach the bird how to walk and fly!).  We started off with this base:

Body made of scrunched up paper balls, which we covered with tape.  Legs made using pipe-cleaners,
wings cut out from cardboard, and tail made from a bunch of ribbons.

And little boy busily got down to painting the bird (I wrapped up the tail and legs in cling-film so that they won't get painted on!).  He chose green for the chest, blue for the rest of the body and red for the wings.  Initially, the painting went well...

And we managed to get through applying the blue and green without a hitch:

Then he remembered his hand-smearing paint technique, and started getting more red paint on his hands that on the little bird!  (No pics of that though, I was too busy trying to make sure the wings got painted!)

After Roly Poly more or less got his colours, we left him to dry, then glued on eyes and a little beak.  Here's how his tail looks like:

And here's the entire family of animals from the story!

Humpy Rumpy the hippo, The Enormous Croc, Trunky the elephant, Roly Poly Bird and Muggle Wump the monkey.

Now I think we're going to move on to more Bible-based crafts instead, since we've not been doing much of that recently.  I'm just glad we managed to make the whole family before I popped!


  1. Such an awesome lil family!! Love it! :D

  2. That's so wonderful. I prefer the homemade ones to the cup critters. And oh, that does look like a cow to me. Ha.

  3. Dotz: Thanks! :)

    K: Hahaha, yes, some of our friends think its a cow, but Junior J is content to listen to mama when she declares its a monkey... at least one less critter for this blur preggie brain to figure out! :p

  4. oh so cute! I like roly-poly bird's tail =D and the cup definitely looks more like a monkey than a cow to me...except maybe the ears since they droop hahah but such good crafts ^^

  5. Oh like you, I thought that was a monkey too :)

  6. Hi, I chance upon your blog. thank you for sharing all the great creative ideas. Your blog is definitely a keeper.
    - JNL

  7. Evergreen: Thanks! Haha, the ears are drooping thanks to all the boy's handling. He brings Muggle Wump for meals etc, so the ears went from perked up to drooping!

    CE: That makes two of us! :)

    JNL: Thanks for dropping by!

  8. Wow, love the crafts! Beautiful animals!! :)

  9. The Beauties in Our Lives: Thanks! We had fun making them...

  10. I must say I thought "cow" when I saw the cup critter :P

    The animals are all wonderfully creative and the Roly Poly was my personal favourite. Oh how I wish I can give the gift of being creative to my girl like what you do for your boy...



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