Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend wanderings: Packed

Just the face to suit the quote on the onesie!

The hubby's parents flew down on Friday and an extremely packed weekend ensued, which included:

:: Getting the lil boy's bilirubin level's checked.  Poor kid has breast milk jaundice like his brother, and has been getting poked every weekend (no wonder he doesn't look happy!).  Thankfully the levels seem to be finally dropping and is down from 200 plus to 150... however, we're not too worried since Junior J had jaundice for about 3 months when he was born!

:: Rushing down to ICA to collect Baby J's passport, since we'll have to run down to Malaysia early next year to settle admin matters.  

:: The first time Baby J was in church.  When the pastor concluded his sermon, he asked the congregation to spend a few minutes in quiet contemplation, to which the lil fellow responded with a loud mega poop.  While everyone was silent, there was a loud "PRAAAK!", which did cause a couple of heads to turn.  Talk about making a lasting first impression!

:: Trying out the food at PS Cafe.  The food was ok, and Junior J happily chomped his way through fish and chips and salad...

... while his brother more or less slept through most of it, either on the sofa, or being stuck to me.  

:: Having a belated 1 month celebration for Baby J at home.  We had our immediate family and both sets of godparents over for dinner, did our own salad and ordered pizza and pasta from Al Forno... 

 ... and aside from veering from the usual "invite-all-your-friends" big celebration, we also opted for chocs for the guests instead of the traditional red eggs (which were only given to the older relatives):

The idea's from Martha Stewart: dressing up plain wrapping paper with doilies!

All in all, a rather fruitful weekend.  How was your weekend?

PS: Will be back later for the "Monday Made" post with some news to share.  Stay tuned!


  1. HAHAH at Baby J's first impressions! Sure is something to tell him about when he grows up a bit ;)
    Weekend was busy too. Had a first day at work! Everyone was very nice including the customers and I had some learning curves but that was alright too, praise God.

  2. That onesie is soooooooo cute!

    Oh, can also use aluminium foil wrapping with ribbons.

  3. Evergreen: Great to know the first day went well! :)

    Karmeleon: Thanks for the idea! :)



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