Friday, November 25, 2011

Foodie Fridays: The fastest lunch ever (Omelettes)

Nowadays, with baby to mind, lunch has to be something that doesn't require a long time to cook.  There are times where I've had to either carry/nurse a fretting Baby J while cooking, so anything that takes 15 minutes or less to cook is ideal!

So on busy days, omelettes are the way to go:

Crack eggs and beat (I use 3 eggs for Junior J and myself).
Heat olive oil in pan.
Pour eggs into pan.
Add cheese (a friend recommends using mozzarella which is lower in salt,
and we found the sliced version which is really convenient!)  

Add other ingredients (I usually add mushrooms and sometimes capsicum,
these must be fried first)
Flip omelette to fold.

Serve hot with veggies and pasta on the side if you wish,
or you could fold the omelette into a square and stuff it between two slices of bread!

Yummy in your tummy!

Junior J loves this (he's just crazy about anything that has cheese oozing out of it), and I love how quickly I can whip this up for lunch.  Now, any quick lunch ideas to share?  Blessed weekend!


  1. Heh heh I can imagine you cooking and juggling baby J in your kitchen! Quite a feat!! Hmmm I do have two quick recipes to share, as I try to cook lunch under 15 min too :b

    1. Cold pasta salad. Peel potato and carrot, chop into big chunks and boil tog with macaroni. I take the potato out after 10 min and the carrot when the pasta is done. Drain all and keep in the fridge till meal time! Just before serving, hard boil and mash an egg, chop up the veg into smaller chunks, add japanese mayo, and mix up the whole lot! Both David and I can eat this!

    2. This is more for me (i.e. more for adults), but I guess Junior J is probably old enough to eat it! Put whole garlic cloves (as many as you like), chicken pieces (can use drumstick or breast or thigh), whole mushrooms, and some slices of onion into a baking tray. Make a marinade of 2 parts honey to 1 part soy sauce, enough to have about 1inch of fluid in the dish. Drizzle couple tbps olive oil and stick it into the oven for 45-50min. About 15 min before time up, throw in some broccoli florets.

  2. i wish T had eggs. quickest meal for us? croissant with ham and cheese! no brainer there! ha! it's as quick as it gets!

  3. oooh! Looks so yummy!

    Another quick and yummy lunch with cheese is bread with baked beans sprinkled over with grated cheese (or any chunk of cheese) then toast it all together! If you have a sandwich maker, you can press them down and everything is nice and crunchy. Then just eat with fresh cucumber or tomato or lettuce. This also works with tuna + hard boiled egg.

  4. I love eggs and cheese too! Another one of my fave that is so simple to make is just pasta with melted cheese and fresh avocado ;p I add a pinch of salt but you could probably do without for the bub..

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. WOW! Thank you everyone for sharing those recipes! They sound yummy yet simple, so I'd be sure to try them soon!



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