Thursday, November 24, 2011


:: Junior J turns 34 months.  2 months shy of turning 3!  He has in the past month, "blossomed", if I may use such a term on a boy.  He's started to have a much better appetite, and can feed himself his entire meal on most days.  Looking at him slurping down his meals inspires me to keep trying in the kitchen department.  His soft spot for animals still remains... When I pretend-ate Muggle Wump the monkey (I was nursing the little one and thought it was one of the play-food things that I get fed all the time), he got upset and told me "You can't eat Muggle Wump, Mama!  You're not supposed to eat animals, Mama!".  He's been such a cheerful and helpful little companion these days, and my heart bursts with pride to see him growing up.   

:: We have a baby that is slightly over a month old!  Baby J still has this ability to reserve his poop for only a clean diaper (we wait and wait after a feed, and the poop only comes when we change him.).  He's now a beefy baby, and has put on about 1.5 kg in a month. :)  The boy's a trooper, and has gamely endured his brother's rather rough demonstrations of affection, as well as various aromas, as many a times I've had to carry him while sitting next to the potty with Junior J.  He's been battling reflux (so there has been a lot of carrying after feeds), but I'm thankful that sometimes he's able to fall asleep on his own while listening to the baby monitor playing lullabies.

:: I crawled about the house nursing a cold, a blocked duct and a baby, and survived the day with the boys (mum initially had said she would bring Junior J over to play with his grandaunt, but in the end decided to go out for lunch as Junior J was struggling to poop in the morning).  And was reminded that all I needed to do was to pray, and just do the next thing

Show me a piggy face!

 :: The hubby saved the day again.  He came back after work and took over the cooking for dinner, and took care of Junior J so I could crash into bed while baby slept.  I am so thankful for this man.  

:: I got fed lots of fruits from the fruit stall.  Good thing you can't overeat these!

How was today for you?


  1. your boys are just so adorable! so what's it like being the only female in the house?

  2. Baby J looks very much like his brother fr that picture. And I'm so looking forward to the day when my boy can feed himself. How do you encourage Junior J to do it? My boy just doesn't seem interested to do it. He often wants to play or read during meals so we end up having to feed him :(



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