Friday, December 23, 2011

2 months

Dearest baby,

You just turned 2 months!  The first month was a time of adjustment for all of us, but I must say you were relatively easier to feed, so it came as no surprise to us when you put on quite a bit of weight.  (It's very satisfying to see all those chubby folds on your arms and legs!)  When you are hungry you like to stick out your tongue, or even suck loudly at your little fist, which amuses us very much.

Look Baby J, this is Trunky!

This past month has seen you starting to become a rather sociable little creature.  You've started cooing and gurgling at us, especially when we talk to you, and we find that irresistible.  You also hold conversations with the toys in your baby gym, and can lift your head to look around you.  Your brother now showers you with kisses everyday, and likes to hold your hand (but he sometimes tries to disturb you with a whack or two, or he would shout at you when you are napping).  Most of the time though, you two get along really well, and he would sing songs or talk to you while you coo at him.

All dressed for bed, in hand-me-down jammies.

You are able to fall asleep on your own in your cot sometimes, but most days I end up putting you in the carrier for your naps while i go about doing the housework.  I'm glad that your feeding frequency at night has decreased, and you occasionally go 3.5 hours between night feeds.

Your jaundice cleared up recently (no more poking at the polyclinic, yay!), thank God!  And most of all, we are thankful for the big blessing we have in you, little boy!

Your Mama
(who has resorted to journaling your milestones here since she has no time to do any layouts!)

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  1. aww sweet ^^
    love all the pictures! Any of him sucking his fist?



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