Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Messy Mittwoch: You know you have kids when...

:: You constantly trip over toys and stuff scattered all over the floor.  (Stepping on lego is mighty painful, btw.)

:: You find a scorpion lurking next to your computer, and a wombat staring at you in the shower.

:: You get a literal breakfast in bed, involving a lumpy pillow because toy fruits have been stuffed under it.  And steak on the bed head.

:: You spend half your life washing something: a poopy butt, a potty accident, dishes, spills, clothes, little grubby hands.

:: You spend more time swinging and less time working.

:: Your sofa has green stripes on them.  Permanently.

:: Your bed is constantly being un-made, as the pillows and blankets are needed to form deserts and volcanoes, and the bolster is needed as a roller coaster ride for Daffy duck.

:: Your study shelves have suddenly been overrun with Curious George books and learning materials, which are so numerous they are piling up in boxes on the floor.

:: You and your spouse have a standard list of descriptions with regards to the size of poop, like nugget, pisang and pellet.

:: You hear the pitter patter of feet coming to greet you when you come home.

:: You make-up silly songs about everything and anything, such as apples, wombats and zebras!

Anything else to add?

PS: The toy tornado has been driving me nuts, so yesterday I enforced clean-up time, which resulted in a massive tantrum... but we're going to make the little boy pack up every day (we used to do it, but I think it lapsed after awhile).  Meanwhile, we've just gotten an Expedit bookcase to house his books.  Just looking at those neat little square compartments makes you want to get organized!  (You can take a peek at some examples here...)


  1. We also got the Expedit bookcase few months back to house our boy's toys and books; also added doors to some of the compartments. Love it!

  2. ::never-ending laundry from the little one; and never-wanting to listen (to the mother) from the elder child. Best is, I hated my nagging mum, I ended up a nagging mum my self.

  3. When you can't take a shower without invasion and when you can't sleep well!

  4. ... and you look like a zombie the rest of the day!

  5. - when I can't poo in peace with T saying, MUMMY DON'T LIKE THIS ONE! MUMMY OFF THE TV!

    - when my heart goes crazy boom boom boom when T says, MUMMY IS SO PRETTY, out of the blue. Not even the sight of a Chanel bag will make my heart go boom boom boom like that. :)

  6. expedit bookshelf is very good for scrap stuff too!! :)

  7. I like what you call it ... the toy tornado :)

    My son builds these lego structures which he refuses to dismantle. How to clean up?

    I don't like to be guilty of dismantling his precious creations but it has to be done when the mess gets too overwhelming!



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