Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays: Full

These days, our life is full.  Each day is busy.  And I'm thankful to God for:

:: His Word that gives hope and comfort, and reminds us that our life is complete in Him.

:: The hubby, who thoughtfully came back during his break to give me a hand.  I love how we complement each other in terms of our parenting.

:: Junior J, who reminds me not to get my plaster wet.  And whose silly antics (like walking around with his blanket over his head) make me laugh.  My heart sometimes feels like bursting when I see that little boy smile.

:: This little baby, who started gurgling on my birthday.  And who now loves cooing at you and smiling whenever you talk to him.  I'd forgotten how cute they can be at this age!  He really completes our little family.

:: Simple things that keep little hands full and occupied.  Like threading stars.  Or playing with paint.

:: Full dryers that work tirelessly to dry our laundry these days, when the rain never seems to stop.

:: Love, that can cover faults and cracks and fill up hearts to the brim.  That generate little gestures of affection.  And lead to spontaneous little kisses.

"I want to hold baby J's hand!", something he declares everyday.  When he's not trying to whack or poke him that is.

Life is full.  And fulfilling.  What are you thankful for today?


  1. awww...pictures of your boys made me smile.

    I'm thankful for T, not just Tuesdays, but everyday and especially during the festive season. :)

  2. Hello there! How cute is that picture of your boys??? They look perfect together! Baby J has a beautiful pair of cheeks! I'm thankful for the fact that my daughter can spend time with her greatgrandparents ;0)

  3. Love your Thankful Tuesdays. A reminder to be thankful and not bitter even though things can be tough at the office. Love the brotherly affections between your boys.



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