Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Made: Nativity

Hello!  Just popping in to share a little Nativity set I prepared for Junior J over the weekend:

Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus

Shepherd and animals

Wise men


These are free printables designed by Marloes de Vries, a designer from the Netherlands.  You can get your copy here (via How about Orange).  There are non-coloured versions too, which you can get your older kids to colour!  We laminated our copy, but that made gluing the parts difficult, so we ended up using scotch-tape instead.

And as I predicted, Junior J was most interested in the cow and donkey instead of the people.  He ran off to play with the animals first, then went to examine baby Jesus. And exclaimed "Its Christmas today!". Little boy's cough is getting better, and we play-acted out the story of Christmas this morning using these little people.  Perhaps if we have time, we might just make a little house for them.  We'll see!


  1. Very nice! so funny about Junior J going to look at the animals first =)

  2. hwah biang! where do you find all the time and energy to do this?! :)




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