Friday, December 16, 2011

Foodie Fridays: Frittatas

Here's another lunch favourite around here: Frittatas.  Junior J loves eating eggs in any form, and I love its protein and nutrient content (especially since he isn't too fond of chewing and swallowing meat sometimes).  Its something like an omelette, except that you cook the ingredients and then add the eggs to sorta make everything stick together.  So you just need to crack and beat your eggs (I usually use 3-4 eggs  for a meal for the big brother and myself)...

... add some form of carbs (I use potatoes, and cut and boil them in the morning before the boys wake):

Then you can add all sorts of extras: Ham, capsicum, mushrooms, tomatoes etc.  Fry these first in olive oil, then add the cooked potatoes...

... and add some greens into the pan if you like.  Junior J likes baby spinach and can eat it raw, but his gut doesn't seem to absorb it very well so I usually give it to him cooked.  

Then add the eggs and give your pan a little swirl to let all the eggy goodness fill all the gaps, and leave it to cook on low fire until the egg is cooked.

There, all done!  Now you know why this is another lunchtime regular.  How about you, any fav egg-based recipes to share?

Blessed weekend!


  1. I usually do a steam egg dish with one regular egg, one salted egg and minced pork. I think u can cut out the salted egg for Junior but it's really easy and convenient since u can let it steam while letting the rice cook!

  2. Woo! Thanks for sharing the recipe! Anya is a BIG egg-lover too! And same thing, she isn't too keen on meat, so our family doctor suggests giving her as much as 5-6 eggs a week.

    Some eggs recipe that is popular around in my house:
    1. Steamed egg with a wee bit of light soy sauce or soup stock if I happened to cook some on the day in replacement of water. (to go with rice)
    2. Mashed hard-boiled egg with mayonaise (& chopped yellow onions, if you like) sandwich.



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