Friday, December 9, 2011

Foodie Fridays: Beef stroganoff

The past few days have been busy, in a normal, ordinary kind of busy.  You know, like how you go through the day, changing diapers and feeding the kids, cleaning messes, and before you know it, the day is done.  You collapse into bed, do the auto-feed thing through the night, and when you open your eyes, its morning.  Rinse and repeat.

Right now, there's still a sink full of dishes to do (Baby J woke up after I fed Junior J lunch, and fussed the entire afternoon so I couldn't wash up), a paint-smeared table to clean and clothes to fold and keep away.  I feel like crawling into bed, but as usual I decided to blog.  Heh.

So here's something I tried to cook recently: Beef stroganoff.  Its pretty simple, since you just need to fry ground beef with onions...

Add mushrooms, pasta and water...

Add sour cream...

Stir to mix... 

And enjoy with some salad on the side.

You can get the recipe here (I've really been loving the recipes from Kitchen Simplicity.  
Anything fast and simple is good!).  Blessed weekend!


  1. It's amazing that you still have time to cook!

  2. Lynklee: Only simple things really! Cos I have to cook for the boy if we taboo anyway, since he's so sensitive to MSG... so might as well just cook a larger portion for everyone!



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